Yorba Linda Country Club

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I'm mad at Management here for not having the logical foresight to do an early mandatory evacuation during the Yorba Linda fires for those out on the greens with no TV/radio, and probably unaware of the actual severity of this horrible disaster going on about a mile away from the club. (Please excuse my French, but serious, appropriate F-bomb dropped)

Since my parents are pretty hard core golfers, they won't take calls while on the greens. This led me to contact the pro shop to confirm whether they're still out there, (they seriously will golf through anything) but the air quality outside was pretty horrific, so I was hoping they'd realize that and start heading back. Still, I just had to have the peace of mind that they were safe.

Any rate, contacting the pro-shop to have Mr. & Mrs. T summoned off the course (which they were able to locate them at the 13th hole when I called) was useless as there really was no sense of urgency on their end, and after being told that the fires were relatively close AND there was a mandatory evacuation from some Yorba Linda residences, I got in the car and rushed over to the club. Thank goodness I happened to be in OC at the time!  Not so much fun to drive closer and closer into a black cloud of something that looks like a nuclear bomb / Armageddon.  And looking at the congestion on the opposite lane from evacuators trying to vacate the area I was heading towards placed me in bonafide dontpanic.com mode.

Only when I once arrived in person is when they actually hustled to get my parents back via golf carts and off to home.  20 minutes never seemed so eternal.

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