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What's not to love about this place?
So here's the deal.... We decide to check out Wyndemere...."wonderful Wyndemere" is what we heard people calling it.  We were on vacation in Naples and visiting the in laws at Eagle Creek.  

When we pulled up to the gate, a guard smiles at us and says " good morning, how are you today?".  Now you may think that is the usual...but it is not.  We visited a couple other Country clubs on Naples which will not be named, and one time got a food chewing, no eye contact guard who said "Whatchoo need?".   Another one didn't say anything or look at us! They just opened the gate (what's the point of having a gated community if this happens?)
Anyway, we stated we were interested in properties for sale there, and the guard told us to enjoy our search, and have a nice day. Nice! :)

The landscaping is absolutely breathtaking.  Everything is lush and green and there were so many flowering trees and bushes.  Everyone's yards were beautifully kept and clean.  The roads were winding and interesting.  It was like driving into a storybook.  People who were walking or driving waved to us as we passed.  

We stopped at the clubhouse to get a tour from the administrator.  The clubhouse was amazing!  I understand they just put a lot of money into renovating it.  It is very modern, clean and cozy.  The lighting is nice- bright and cheery where it needs to be, and low and romantic in the dining area.  Cheri gave us a tour of the clubhouse.  Then she arranged to have some residents meet me for lunch while my husband played golf with some of the guys.  The residents were very welcoming and friendly.  They had nothing but positive things to say about Wyndemere.  I tried hard to get some negative dirt from them, but they knew of none.  The lunch was so delicious and the wait staff was nothing short of perfection- always making sure my tea was replenished and that I had what I needed.  The residents were not snooty in the least- huge plus! They were interacting with our server and asking her how her kids performed in a sporting event the day before, and the server asked each of them a little something that you would only know if you've talked before.  By the way, we ate out on the patio.  We had an amazing view of the greens. Perfection!

When my husband returned, he said the gentleman were all very inquisitive and cordial.  He felt very welcome.  He is a bit picky when it comes to golf.  He will complain about a blind spot and whatnot... He said he loved it all!

I'm not a huge golfer, so I was interested in social activities.  Come to find out, they have tons of activities going on all the time! Fitness (they have a top of the line work out center with staff! And classes!) sports, luncheons, outings, games, book club, dancing....the list is endless and I was excited!  

All in all, out of the dozens of country clubs we researched in Naples, Wyndemere has by far the most activities.  I'm 41, so I'm not looking to just sit around their beautiful pool and eat sandwiches that are brought to you all day.  (Which is awesome).  If you are a couple our age (mid to late 40's) who is looking for a great place to retire, I recommend here.  It's the details that matter.  We have done all the research for you.  Now just pick out one of their great homes and enjoy! (That is what we are going to do!). :)

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If your thinking of getting a place with all the bells and whistles in the Naples area, be sure to take a hard look at Wyndemere. In the past 3-4 years, they had Arthur Hills come in and revaluate, redesign and then execute his suggestions to bring the three 9 hole courses he designed 20+ years ago up to 2010 standards. Then theres the new $12.5M Clubhouse expansion/rennovation, the new infinity edge swimming pool, the rennovated Tiebreaker building which now houses a Cafe serving breakfasts, lunch and bar items from 7:30AM til 3:00PM, a multi-purpose activities room, and a physical therapy center staffed by a therapist from Naples Community Hospital. Add to this 12 Har Tru tennis courts, and lush landscaping and you have an awesome facility thatrs close to the downtown and close to the beach.

Best of all, if you can afford the Homeowner and Country Club fees, you can find a Wyndemere property at an attractive price, make alterations to bring it to meet your preferences, live in a top community with super facilities and still be ahead of the game.

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I was invited by a family member.  Nice course!    3 x 9 holes (Green, White, Gold)  I played Gold to Green. The greens are fast and it can be a challenging day if you're playing poorly!  (I would know)

Wyndemere is a pretty area with some really nice homes lining the golf course.  Excellent facilities.  The men's locker room had everything you might need including sunscreen.  I would go back.

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Good Golf course, well maintained and it should be for the $$$ it costs to play.  A little short for anyone under 50, but hey, it's not for the younger crowd, it's for the older set.

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