Wycliffe Golf & Country Club

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I have been visiting family that lives in Wycliffe for years and absolutely love the place.

The grounds in the development are extremely nice. They are always perfectly maintained, so its really nice to drive around and see. In addition they have tons of tennis courts, golf courses, a huge swimming pool and tons of other amenities.

They have actually expanded so much over the past 10 years that they are now on both sides of Lake Worth Dr, however if you live on one side you can still use all of the amenities the other side has, its just where your house is that's different.

The country club itself is very nice as well. When you pull up there is free valet parking, and the attendants are very friendly and attentive to your needs. When you go inside the place is so huge and nice. They offer card rooms and everything else downstairs.

On the upstairs of the country there is a really nice restaurant. I have been there for a Sunday brunch or just a regular dinner. No matter what I go there for I have a great meal. I cannot think of one bad experience we have ever had there.

I could definitely imagine this would be a great place to live all year round!

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