Woodmont Country Club

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Finally had a chance to get back to Woodmont a few more times. Can't say enough about what a classy place this is. Played the North Course again and it was as good as it gets.

I also was able to play the South Course twice.  The South Course is in just about as nice of shape, but it doesn't have quite the same exclusive feel. It uses a different variety of grass on the fairways. I'm guessing it is some type of mini, fine-bladed Bermuda or Zoysia as it had started to turn brown as the trees were changing color. It made for a nice contrast with the rough. Interestingly it wasn't wirey like the Bermuda I play on in Florida and the ball didn't sit up so high like it does on dormant Bermuda. Beyond that the course was just as nice as the North Course -- perhaps the South was just a smudge shorter.

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My buddy is a member here and every once in a while I get to tag along for a beer or the occasional round of golf.  The place is stunning.  I'd like to know more of the history of a few of the interesting buildings on the property.  I believe the club recently celebrated their 100th anniversary.

The golf courses are immaculate and while I imagine some people play them well, they kick my muni-course playing butt.  

The employees I've encountered have all been what you'd expect from such a nice club, very accommodating, personable, and out to please.  As a guest, I really appreciate that.

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