Woodland Hills Country Club

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Woodland Hills Country Club (WHCC) is a *great* little country club.  It may not have all of the amenities that other country clubs do -- e.g., swimming pools, tennis courts, etc. -- but it certainly maximizes what it does have.  The golf course is not particularly long or ostentatious, but it is still very challenging in a nuanced way:  Tight, undulating fairways with small, fast greens.  The course always is in immaculate condition.  I have played at numerous clubs and courses throughout LA, and the conditions at WHCC are always top notch.

Also, the food is fantastic.  From its soups/salads to its steak dinners -- and everything in-between -- I am always pleased at how fresh and flavorful the food tastes (especially for a golf course!).  Even when I venture to try new or exotic items off of the menu, I am always pleasantly surprised at how tasty they are.  

This may go without saying, but the service is always great too:  From the bag boys to the dining room staff to the locker room attendants, everyone is always very friendly and professional.  

Bottom-line:  Great food, great course, great service.  WHCC is a great little country club that knows what it is.  (I just wish it had a gym!)

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-nice golf course
-ok service
-clean restrooms
-food not bad
-nice views

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I looked ENDLESSLY at wedding venues. I looked at so many wedding venues that whenever a friend or an acquaintance gets married, I know exactly what they're talking about they're telling me about it.

My husband (fiance at the time) and I started looking at different country clubs for our wedding that fit our budget as well as standards. After about 4 country clubs we found the WHCC and loved it.

Rebecca was VERY helpful throughout the whole process. She was professional, punctual, and ultra friendly...and along with the amazing ceremony area, and free round of golf for my husband and his buds, she sealed the deal for us.

We also loved the fact that we can take photos on the golf course (unlike some country clubs...*cough* Mountain Gate CC *cough*).

Overall we loved our experience with WHCC.

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Went there for a fund raising gala. pretty decent  place , great food, a nice reception area. certainly not as upscale as Calabasas country club or sherwood country club, ofcourse not as pricey either.

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My son and I decided to take a club tour in order to get a feel for the club we have lived near for 15 years and never seen.  We were scolded by a group of 8 golfers playing together.  We let this group play through only to have them throw golf clubs and use profanity in front of my children.  Since these men were gambling on their round they force two members to cut back up our fairway to hit a second tee shot.  Had the pro shop not delayed our round for nearly and hour and cause us to encounter this group we may have actually joined.  Not a good place for children.

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