Woodholme Country Club

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I went to an event here with dinner served by the country club. Wow! I was expecting institutionalized food, but I've never been so impressed by food at a meeting.

They served us two huge crabcakes, filled mostly with crabmeat. The dish also had a beautiful basket made of waffle fries, filled with sweet potato fries, and stuck to the plate on a mound of mashed potatoes. The asparagus came tied in a neat little bundle. And the chocolate cheesecake for dessert was outstanding. It tasted home made and was deliciously light and fluffy for a cheesecake. The woman next to me remarked she didn't even like cheesecake and she ate the whole slice.  I've never seen this done at professional events, but the wait staff even offered boxes if you didn't finish your meal.

If this were a restaurant, I'd definitely go back. I'm not a member so I probably won't, but I'll keep an eye open for other events there. My one little grumble was that a soda cost $2 at the cash bar and the dinner cost $48, but I'm not sure how much went to fundraising for the group and what went towards the cost of the meal. But I was really impressed!

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