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the steaks dry and the fries suck

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Great BRUNCH!!!! Was invited several times by a colleague who lives in Woodfield and it's awesome. Beautiful location and excellent food.

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I attended a "Red Door Luncheon" benefit for "Gilda's House" charity at Woodfield CC yesterday, and it was absolutely the perfect venue for this type of event.

It's situated inside a gated community, so I anticipated a bit of a hassle given that there would be a few hundred guests entering all at once. I vastly underestimated Woodfield. The guards were fully prepared for the crowds. They checked IDs quickly and cordially and had little slips of paper with driving instructions to the club. Once there, you had a choice of ample self-parking or valet. I self-parked, and even though I was a teensy bit late, I found a spot very close to the entrance.

The entrance to the club is lovely. There are large wooden automated doors that open to a lobby with a grand staircase. Please architects-- bring back the staircase!!! They are pretty and healthy for people with full mobility. Put the banks of elevators off to the side and let those of us who would benefit from a little vertical climbing make our way up a flight or two on our own!

The meal was amazingly good given that it was a plated luncheon for (I'm guessing) 350 people. Grilled chicken, asparagus and portabellos with cous cous and a frisee salad. I didn't try the chicken, but the other items were truly perfect. Dessert was flan with flavorful blue, black, and raspberries and fresh, hot coffee.

Perhaps the best part of all was the service. Our server was friendly, competent, lovely, and hospitable. Despite the huge crowd of lunch-goers, she made each of us feel special.

After lunch, I had to make a couple of business calls before getting back in the car, so I went out to the 2nd floor patio. The outdoor area wasn't in use for the luncheon, so I suspected it would be a bit dusty, but again I was wrong. The furniture is well-kept and comfortable, and the view from the patio is gorgeous.

I was thoroughly impressed with the Woodfield experience.

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Classy place!  Love the pool and gym and the spa isn't too shabby either. I love the little breakfast gang in the club house every morning!  Restaurants here are good too, good verity.

I love visiting my family here, it's a nice vacation!

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Unless you live in Woodfield neighborhood you can't belong to the Woodfield Country Club.  My parents don't live there, but my mom does have a really good friend who lives there. And this very good friend was sweet enough to throw me a bridal shower yesterday at Woodfield Country Club with 5 other friends of my mom.

I've been to Woodfield before for weddings, parties, and dinners so I had a feeling it would be fabulous...and of course Woodfield didn't let me down for the bridal shower.  We had a beautiful room to ourselves, the service was fabulous, and the meal (gazpacho, grilled salmon salad, and individual apple pies for dessert) was delicious. I especially liked that apple pie, which I believe will be my last dessert (wedding dress to fit into) until I enjoy wedding cake at my own wedding in just 2 months....

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