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Attended a wedding here which was done very well, the actual wedding was done on the golf course in front beautiful white gazebo.  The staff had golf carts for anyone needing assistance getting to and from the wedding from the main club house.  After the wedding there was a cocktail reception with a hosted wine and beer bar.  In addition to the wine and beer guests could purchase cocktails for cash.  I thought this was good as it keeps the heavy drinking to a minimum, those who want a hard drink can buy it.

This salad, dinner and desert were all presented on beautiful china dishes.  For being such a large wedding I thought they did a good job with food quality.  There was a cigar area on the patio which I personally thought was a great little touch for those who enjoy cigars.  All in all this was a great location and the service was quite nice given how many people were there 200+

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Worst service that is constantly decreasing. I hope the golf is good because the clubhouse is horrible. Food Is just as bad as the service. Plan on a 3 hour lunch if you come here.

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We just had our wedding here and what an amazing and beautiful venue. The staff and wedding coordinators were fantastic. The reception area was set up so well, it was like a fairytale wedding. Really nice folks and they made our special day even more memorable. Highly recommend having a wedding here. The Gazebo ceremony was amazing. Couldn't be happier with Wood Ranch country Club!

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For weddings:
Beautiful venue!  Amazing scenery, amazing for pictures!  Helpful list for vendor suggestions such as Skiff's Cakes!!!

Staff interaction: Months before the wedding, very positive.  However, I received a lot of last minute emails the week before my wedding which could have been avoided by reading documents properly.  Constant communication was needed so if you are working while planning your wedding they do not alleviate stress.

Day of: I would highly recommend that you use a coordinator who knows and will acknowledge who is on the contract and who the correct individuals are to check in with in case an incident arises.  Would I trust the staff with my special day again, no.

Furthermore, with your comments taken into account:
You proved my point about not being the best place to plan with if you are working full time, not having information correct, and you did speak on the phone with the groom.

"These meetings are available to schedule on Saturdays as well as after work as late as 6pm. Nicole was unable to come in for a meeting and wasn't available for phone calls,  so we tried to square things away via email. For obvious reasons this isn't as convenient as in person and involves a lot of back and forth to make sure all the details are correct."

You were already speaking to other wedding parties about it so, online makes no difference to me:

"Day Of: As much as we would have liked to not discuss the details of the incident online, you have given us an unfavorable review and so now we must publicly explain the situation to defend ourselves against your harsh opinion."

You proved the point that you did not handle  the situation professionally, did not contain the situation in a professional manner, and involved people who were neither on the contract or needed involvement:
"We approached the Bride's Father and let him know the situation before the Bridesmaid went back into the reception. He understood and was supportive of our decision. The Father of the Bride told the Groom and then the Groom told the bride before their individual photos."

"This was not ideal and we wish the circumstances hadn't been this way, but we were in our right to do this and we waited until an appropriate time. To help alleviate the pain we extended the hosted bar an extra hour and apologized sincerely to the Couple. It was very unfortunate but we do NOT deserve this review."

This was not an ideal circumstance and no one has said otherwise, you did have the right to handle the situation in which you did, but I am also entitled to give a review which stated both positive and negative comments.

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I had the most amazing experience at this venue! Kara and Linda were generous, flexible, and extremely accommodating. I did not experience any of the wedding planning hysteria that I had heard from friends, family and websites. The wedding went unbelievably smooth. It was gorgeous, the staff was extremely attentive to all the guests, the coordinators were there to assist all the vendors...I mean, I can go on forever about this. I have recommended this venue to my friends as much as possible and I am positive they are going to have the same positive experiences as we did. You will not regret having a function here!! LUV U WOOD RANCH!!!

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