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I'm not a member of Wolferts Roost, but my friends did host my bridal shower there, and our ceremony/reception were here as well. My review is based on these.

The bridal shower was great. A generous amount of space with great light and an awesome view of the mountains in the distance. We had some breakfast foods; Bacon, eggs, etc. and some lunch foods (this was in August so I don't entirely remember what all we had), but it was really good. The staff was so friendly and helpful!

We initially chose Wolferts Roost for our wedding because we really liked Don, who used to be the events manager. I was really disappointed when he left, but Joann did a great job. Our wedding day was amazing - the grounds at Wolferts Roost are GORGEOUS (especially in the fall!). They are well maintained and the landscaping is beautiful. My maid of honor and I got ready in the bridal suite, which was not quite bright enough to do hair and make up in there so we got that done in the women's bathroom, which is attached. Just something to be forewarned about.

The staff was very friendly and helpful during all stages of wedding planning. The food was FANTASTIC (I'm not just saying this because I'm biased but it was by far the best food I've had at a wedding). They were very accommodating in helping us find a vegan dish to serve because of a couple of vegan guests. Everyone is still raving about the food. The ballroom seemed a little overwhelming at first because it's so big. We only had about 90 guests, so I was concerned that the room would look gigantic, but they spaced everything out so that it filled up the room quite nicely. I've been to weddings where it seemed all of the guests were practically on top of each other and this was definitely not the case here.

I also felt like we got a great value. A lot of venues don't include tax and tip in the price that they list, so you have to factor that in, and before you know it, your cost for the reception has increased by several thousand dollars. Wolferts Roost includes these costs in their price per plate, giving you an EXCELLENT value.

All in all, it was the best day of my life and I am so glad  that we decided to have our wedding at Wolferts Roost. I will definitely be recommending this place to anyone planning an event!

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**Wedding Reception Review**

Overall:  We searched a ton of reception locations in the Capitol district, when we met Don at Wolferts Roost we were sold! He answered all of our questions, and even pointed us towards local vendors that he recommends for cakes, djs, and transportation. It is a beautiful venue and their all in one price made planning so much easier. They don't nickel and dime you for extra forks, lights, glasses, etc like some of the area venues do. Unfortunately about 3 weeks before our June wedding Don resigned. Joann, his temporary replacement did a fine job and the night went great. But I did miss that extra special touch that Don added. We had 100 guests, and even though the ballroom is very large the place looked great! Not too big, definitely not crowded and our guests loved the outdoor patio. I would highly recommend Wolferts Roost to any bride!
Food:  Being the bride, I didn't have much time to sit down and eat but the red pepper bisque was out of this world amazing!
Price:  They have a couple levels for their weddings.  At the time of our wedding they were $90/$110/$120 per person (I believe).

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I've gone to this country club on numerous occasions for work seminars.  The grounds are pretty.  The food is usually on the upper end of food that is served at industry seminars (but nothing fabulous).  The coffee is not good.

The grand stair case going upstairs is cool.  

I guess I'm just not the kinda gal who is impressed or has a use for country clubs, but....its okay.

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I went here for a wedding and didn't know what to expect because I'd never heard of the place before even though I've lived in this area my whole life. As soon as you pull up there is valet parking. I don't know how necessary this is because the parking lot is right in front of the entrance and they seemed to be getting a little backed up because of the rush of people. But it gave it a classy appeal. There is a coat check upon entering which seemed very efficient. I'm not sure if there are multiple party rooms but the room we were in was upstairs. The bar area where we had cocktail hour was a little small. It seemed like I was constantly having to move out of the way for people no matter where I was standing. The hors d'oeuvres were average. When they opened the dining area I was a little disappointed that it was dark out because there were huge windows across the length of the room and I suspect there was probably a nice view but I didn't get to see it. The service was very attentive (almost to the point that you had to guard your food if you were eating slowly, so no one would take it.) I was pleasantly surprised with all the courses. From the soup and salad to the perfectly cooked chicken. I think it really says something about a place that can put out that much food at one time and not compromise its integrity. One thing I hate about weddings is after the food is gone they just start clearing everything off the table and don't care if you need anything else. It gets awful hot on the dancefloor! It would be nice to have your water refilled without having to walk into the other room to get something from the bar.

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I would give this 3.5*.  I came here for a wedding and overall, thought the setting was nice for such an event.  Unfortunately, I can't comment much on the details of the planning but as far as I know, my friend didn't have significant issues in that regard.

ATMOSPHERE - The grounds were well maintained and nice but I wouldn't go as far as to say beautiful.  The interior of most country clubs I have been to has been dark and lodgy.  However, this place was well lit and felt much fresher than the typical country club.  The downstairs area seems to have been updated recently.  Their dining rooms are pleasant in decor with my only complaint being that there is a musty smell to the upstairs area.

SERVICE - Nothing much to comment on but that may be a positive thing.

FOOD - Well, it's typical country club fare.  When you serve 150 people, the food isn't going to be at the optimal temperate and will generally be mediocre.  And in order to appeal to the masses, it's not surprising that the food was benign, if not bland, in flavour.

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