Wolf Creek Golf Resort

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As our first golfing destination since moving to Edmonton in the fall, my husband and I decided to play at WolfCreek.

We played the old course which I have to say, didn't impress us, visually or by its design.  We walked the first 9 and it was a relatively easy walk which was nice. The cart path guard rails could be more rickshaw friendly. The signage was quite lacking and often left us trying to figure out which way to go next. One sign telling walkers to head straight - into the woods - with no visible path or markers as to where the next hole was, was the biggest puzzle. Once we walked around the cart path and could see where the next hole was, it made more sense. There are no indications on the score card of how the course or holes are laid out. For the back 9, we did take a cart and bought their guide book. I would call the guide book a must for this course, though I have certainly seen batter books with more details and measurements included. It seams this course is far more favorable for repeat playing, and perhaps not the best option for visitors or travelers. One of the ponds were full of foam, there were many down trees and it looks like this course has been through some difficult weather. There was not much at all for interesting visual appeal. The man made ponds were square with no rock boarders. rather dull in my opinion.

We did stop in at their lounge for a flat bread pizza, which took well over 25 minutes, the chicken was a bit dry and a third of the crust was burnt black. The log cabin clubhouse is quite nice.

The entrance to the washrooms is extremely dark, making you feel your way around for the door, when you come in out of the sun. The women's washroom has had a flickering light that mimics a dim strobe light. The stall doors have very large separations and could use a fix-up. I've seem worse however I have seen much better at a "golf resort".

We went back this past weekend and played the links course down the road. We had a much more enjoyable time with the guide book and map in hand. The signage and sight lines were also better on this course.  There is some distance between some of the holes, but it is not too bad for hills and we would likely walk it next time. On a weekday afternoon, there were not many people heading out. We were able to play at a comfortable pace with out being held up and finished in under 4 hours. We did have a fun round.

We have PrivPlay cards which provide a discount on the round and cart at listed locations (the links course), but we were denied the cart discount. We weren't going to bother making it an issue. In general, the staff were friendly.

It was not too hot either round, being late May and June 2nd. There were some nicely treed areas and shelters that would offer good shade in the summer, on either course. I won't judge the fairways, tee boxes, and greens too harshly as it is early in the season still. The greens were not fast either round we've played, but there are some interesting curves and break to account for.

In all, we will likely return and give the old course a second try and replay the links course. We are not likely to order food.

For those with an iPhone or Android device, there is a free GPS app available, For those business people with a Blackberry, you're SOL.

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