Woburn Country Club

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I agree with Jason B.

The guy who works at the desk thinks his dung doesn't stink. This is typical with golf course staff though...

Course is generally in good condition although the power lines are unnerving (you can hear them buzzing). Greens are very receptive. The only tough hole is 9 as it's a blind tee shot that plays long uphill.

I love the food and I've come back here after a round specifically for the prime rib.

(Star rating is for the course - rated based on what the course was intended to be - a 9 hole muni)

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***This review is about the golf course only***

A beautiful golf course marred by an out-of-date website which does not mention its tee-time policies.  I've played several times during the weekdays (no tee time, first come first served), but when I showed up to play one July Saturday, I was rudely spoken to by the course super who told me I needed a tee time and that the policy is clearly stated on the website.  I then spent time looking through the site to find nothing of the sort.  I emailed to ask for clarification (um.. where does it say this?) but was ignored.  Several weeks later after and still no word.  Therefore, I decided to warn folks about my experience.

Apparently, this is a course that caters for the residents near by and treats everyone else like dog meat.  I was lucky enough to play a few AM 9's before work but will not be coming back anytime soon.

The sign out on Rt 3 says "Open to the public"... HA!

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Took my 3 adult sons here for Father's Day-what a disappointment.  2 of us golf frequently -but 2 of my sons have only golfed a few times.   The old women behind us were RUDE and  ignorant.  And apparently the managers there don't really care.  Ok, well I guess the Woburn Country Club is just too prestigious for average players- I didn't realize it was such a PRO course.  Note to old grouchy women- stay home on Father's Day!   Note to self-spend my $120 elsewhere.

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Been here not to golf, but to partake in a few local functions.

Everything is fine, but IT"S COLD and CHILLY inside.

Love the lit fireplace and all but they should turn the heat, really.
My hot coffee turned cold . The hot meal was served on cold plates, quickly hot food turned cold.

Other that that. It's decent.

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I went here on weekday after purchasing a groupon. I didn't think that food could actually taste this bad. It seemed like everything we ordered was prepackaged and just fried, warmed, or sparingly cooked on site. My first plate of porkchops were so tough that I couldn't even cut it with the knife. They were thin chops so you can't cook them too long but obviously the cook didn't watch what was happening. The lemonade was tasteless and the dessert was too gooey. The crab cakes were a joke and the fried shrimp(frozen bag---overcooked) and friend calamari (frozen bag--some over, some under cooked). I would never recommend this place as somewhere to eat.

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