Windstar On Naples Bay

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This community is very large, It's not my style, a bit on the older stuffy stogy side. I Just went to a nice wedding reception at the club house.  The  fairways looked fair, the greens looked green, the roughs looked not too rough.  The club house was very grand the food and service was very nice.  Staff looked sharp and clean.  They did great job for clearing tables and provided a high level of service.  We were treated very well. We all had a great time. Views from the balcony revealed a beautiful sunset.  See pics.

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If you're a Windstar member, you don't need me to convince you, but this place is suh-weet.

If you can ignore the super-slow old dudes in front of you (they often let you go ahead of them), there's nothing to dislike about the course-

1. It's beautiful
2. You're beautiful
3. They have strawberry daiquiris at the club

Golf, then daiquiris. What else is there to life? Nothing.

Real shortage of babes though. No babes here. Unless you're pedobear or 70.

Lastly, the club tennis courts and instructors are dynamite.

WIndstar reprasentin'

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