Wilmette Golf Club

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Very disappointed with conditions of course after all the renovations. Many of the fairways have large sections of ground under repair, weeds and clovers everywhere. Many of the tee boxes are bare and for the price they are charging there are much better courses nearby.

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This was my favorite course close to downtown. Unfortunately, the last year of closure to improve the course has me disappointed. Full fees and less than desirable fairways. Will take another year, if we are lucky.

Suggest waiting until 2015.

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I just went here today for the first time.  It is nice.  I forgot to take photos.  I'll take some tomorrow.  Any how I spoke to a nice fella at the gift shop.  The website doesn't have prices.  Just says fees for practice range but doesn't say how much.  

It is 4 dollars for 30 balls, 7 dollars for 65 balls, and 14 dollars for 150 balls.  Cheapest price in town.  Harry Semrow in Desplains is 13.25 for an extra large bucket which is 160 balls.  So 10 dollars more, but for 75 cents difference.  So 150balls is not bad for 14 dollars.  10 balls is nothing and harry semrow is much further drive.  So this is apretty good deal.  And twin lakes in Palatine is half price on mondays 4 dollars for a large bucket 70 balls.  But only mondays.  This 150 bucket at wolmette is good all days.  No weekend hikes like other places.

And they have a place to eat.  Haven't tried it yet.  But its better then no place.  So no driving all over looking for a place to eat.  Just hit balls and then eat when you get hungry or thirsty.

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The course is short (par 70) and the holes are on top of each other.  Therefore, groups frequently hit their shots into other fairways.  A lot of sand, but not much water.  A fairly easy course.  The staff (including the pro shop, drink cart server and bartender) were not very friendly.  Also, the "grill" they advertise has like 5 items on it.

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Love this course and over the past 3 years it's  become my "home course".  The staff is outstanding, good practice area, and the course is challenging for many different levels.  They always do a good job of getting a single player like me on as well as keeping the flow of play rolling (even on the weekends).  

Couple of tips:

1)  Call ahead on to see if you are going as a single - they'll help you get out.
2)  Going out to the range after work is going to be tough - schools and lots of locals there.
3)  Regardless of time of day - bring bug spray.  Much of the woods are in the floodplain and mosquitos can be awful in the shade.

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