Willowbrook Golf Course

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I went to this "country club" with my family hoping to have a relaxing round of golf. But instead I found rude employees and a very unwelcome atmosphere. I will NEVER return to this golf course and I will tell all of my friends and family not to visit this place. I asked for ice and the guy looked at me like I was an idiot. After that it was all downhill. I could write 3 pages on how horrible and rude this place was, but I will not waste my time trashing this "country club" because I am never going back.

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I'm a huge fan of getting your money's worth out of things especially golf outings.  A lot of people dog this course out because it is not one of the " big courses". I think that is absolutely hilarious!  This course offers everything that some of the best courses in San Diego have to offer.  Deep par 5's, challenging par 3 's and just an all around great course.  This is a hidden gem in East County and to be quite honest,  I hope it stays that way now that I think about it. It has a great staff,  some awesome regulars who play there all the time and I am proud to be joining the men's Club out there!  Look,  I really want what's best for the course,  so please come on out and play it for yourself.  If you think your above a course like this,  then you might be,  or you think your better then you are and then you can stay shooting in the 120 's at your "big courses".

Quality of greens- 8.5 out of 10
Quality of fairways- 8.5
Quality of Tee Boxes- 9
Difficulty- 6.75
Clubhouse- 10
Staff- 10
Food and Beverage- 10 (no cart girl)

Overall 8.9

A lot of trees,  a number of water hazards,  and a few solid par 5's that you can pull out the driver on and grip n rip it out there.

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This place isn't well known, most people think it's a pitch and putt. It's only 9 holes but it's actually a par 36 so you got 2 par 5's, 5 par 4's, and 2 par 3's. The greens are always really nice and the fairways are a little dry and clumpy, that's good though, you spoiled golfers who are used to playing Sycuan need to get used to hitting off of less than ideal lies. If you want to commit to playing the course regularly you can buy a membership for somewhere around $160 and you get discounted green fees all year long. Check it out, I think you'll like it.

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East county's best kept secret, this is my favorite executive course around. Nine holes walking for around $25. Long drives on the back side, well kept water hazards, immaculate greens. Cart rentals available but easily played on foot in 3 hours.

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Review of the Grill only!  
Great local spot for a simple classic breakfast at a great price and awesome service!
What a pleasant surprise!  I've driven by this four year old facility many times and noticed that the grill was open to the public 6AM - 6PM, but never checked it out until this past week.
The building is very new and well designed.
I popped in on a Friday around 9AM. Upon walking into the restaurant, I got the feeling of being in a cafeteria or snack bar.  I thought I might have to order at the counter, but the friendly waitress welcomed us and brought menus to the window golf course view table we picked.
The menu was simple but had all the breakfast staples; bacon, sausage, eggs, baked goods, pastries, oatmeal, fruit, etc.  I got a delicious omelet, toast, and hash browns for $6.99, and a good cup of coffee for $1.50.  They had several flavored creamers
There was only one other table is use, everyone else just grabbed something at the counter to take out onto the course, so service was really quick and the food was hot and fresh.  
Now they just need to add an evening happy hour.....

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