Willow Ridge Golf Club

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Decent little course. No pro shop or dress code and I have felt like a target on more than one occasion there. Also they do not sell beverages so if you need/want something for the round you must bring it with you.  The other review nailed it as it hasn't rained in a few days and the "rough" was like hitting off concrete. Very cheap and a wide open course good for the beginning golfer.

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Exactly what the doctor ordered.

A friendly, cheap, decent course to play. Don't have a lot of money, go to Willow Ridge. For $11 you can hoof it for 18 holes. Try and find a better deal on golf. For a few more dollars you can ride around in a cart.

It's not long and is very generous to beginner golfers. This is not the course to try if you are looking for a challenge.

One downside to such a cheap course, if it hasn't rained in a while everything outside of the fairway is garbage. So try and keep it in the middle and you'll be fine! But if the rain has been steady, the course should be in fine shape.

My favorite hole is 10. A decent par 5 with a big bend that starts up on hill. Great start to the back 9.

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