William Land Golf Course

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There's no denying that this older course, lined by large trees and winding through Sacramento's Land Park, evokes a certain nostalgic fondness from long-time Sacramentans, including myself.  Although the course is a bit beaten up come late-summer, a stroll along these links brings a certain serenity.

 What does not bring serenity or fondness, however (aside from the insidiously inflating and somewhat excessive green fees), is the clientèle.  Whether on a weekend or mid-week, this course always seems uniquely plagued by golfers who have absolutely no clue how to go about a round of golf.  Please note, this has absolutely nothing to do with one's golf skills per se; whether seasoned pro or rank amateur, playing in an efficient and courteous manner is not rocket science.  Unfortunately, not only do Land Park's patrons seem in general unable to figure this out, but the management is absolutely unwilling to do anything about it.  Suggestions on improving the tempo of play typically receive a blank stare and a line about how Land Park is "where anyone can play."  Just today, playing 8 holes of golf (I had no patience for the 9th after following an unfathomably slothful foursome for over 2 hours) took as much time as a leisurely 12 or 13 holes at any properly managed course.

   I'm all for letting anyone play anywhere, anytime, but it is also true that anyone, anywhere, anytime, can figure out how to play at a proper pace.

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When I visited my former academic adviser at Sac State, he suggested we should play some round. As I told him that I haven't played for several years and needed to meet my friends in SF, he chose this place.

While this place may not be a world-renowned place to golf, I can see why people like this place. It's very reasonable ($15 per person), and some courses were moderately challenging. He and I were paired with a 12-y.o. with Stanford hats and a golf globe and his uncle who lives nearby. They obviously played very well, but I did what I could given my inexperience.  The group was able to finish the place in about 2-1/2 hours.  I'm sure the pair would finish much earlier.

The only reservation that I have about this place is that since it's a part of a park, people cross courses all the time. So you'd better watch out not having your ball to hit a little kid.

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I was inspired by Greg Norman at the British Open this weekend. He's an old geezer!  I'm also inspired by nine-hole golf courses nearby my house. I'm an old geezer! I coaxed my wife into playing a round of golf at the William Land Golf Course. We've been taking golf lessons with Dick McShane, another old geezer, and decided to see if those lessons have paid off yet and.... they have. At least a little bit....

The course is smack dab in the middle of William Land Park. Instead of a birdie I think my wife got a goose. I swear I saw the goose duck when she crushed the titleist right over a group of them. They hated her. Another hazard is clueless folks visiting the actual park. A group of morons almost had a picnic set up on the 7th hole. I aimed right at their picnic basket. hey, don't blame me, blame William Land!  It's a bit dangerous out there.

William Land Golf Course is a great course to get a quick nine holes in. Watch out for picnikers and geese. Fore!

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