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I've been playing at Land Park golf course for almost 15 years now and it's a great little public course to practice at.  The pricing is very fair and you can usually walk on without much of a wait.

Sure the greens and tee boxes are not in tip top shape. But it's fine for me. I think that this course can be enjoyed by children, beginners, and even long-time golfers. The course is not too long, but there are some challenging holes too. My favorite hole has to be #3- a par three with a giant tree in the way.

The course is very walkable; but they have pull-carts and electric carts as well.  

The practice green is large enough for many people to practice on and there is a chipping/pitching area as well. The staff is always friendly and helpful too.  I can't really complain.

-There is a parking lot and it's usually not too difficult to find a space.
-Beware of randoms walking across the park.

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I love this little course.  It's pretty cheap and only a few blocks from home.  However after a recent trip I'm not sure if I want to go back.  Played nine holes with the electric cart.  Decided to go another nine but they don't let you take the cart after a certain time.  No big deal so I decide to walk.  I played one hole and realized I would never finish in time to meet friends for dinner.  Walked back to the clubhouse and asked about a possible refund for the round.  The response was "sorry man I can't help you."    I ask why not and if I could at least get a partial refund since I only played one hole.  I even gave the guy an out by saying I understood if he wasn't authorized to give me a refund.  Instead he said he didn't know how long ago I had gone out and I could have been playing for an hour.  He lied straight to my face with a smirk on his face the whole time.  Don't know the last time I was that upset.  I even cussed at him which I don't think I've ever done to an employee.  Mad at myself for losing my cool, but this guy was so smug it was disgusting.  As I was waiting for my ride he came and handed me a $2 off coupon.  I was still upset but this started to calm me down.  Until when he was walking away and he said "a thank you would be nice."  Really?  What a joke.  No thank you.  On an up note his spray tan looked great.

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After purchasing my own push cart, and a players card, I now have to say I am a big fan.  Yes the familys still walk across the fairways infront of your drives, but the way I usually drive, that is probably the safest place to be.  The twilight hours are great, and nine holes will cost $12.  The green are usually in really good shape, by far better than any other cheap municipal course that I have been to.  It is a challenging course for a nine hole.  Great old tree location on a few holes, and they even have a par five.  They also have a couple of really large putting greens that any one can practice on.  A lot of people come just to practice pitching and putting, but the greens are so big it doesn't get crowded.  I did find another water fountain.  A wonderful little local course!!

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Bf and I played this course on Sunday morning, Its very pretty and very unique. It's a 9 hole, but it turns out many are par 4 and even a few par 5! Nice way to mix it up. The staff is super friendly and happy to help you with anything you need, balls gloves etc.

You get a great view of Mckinley Park ~the hustle and bustle of people walking by, music being played, the awesome smell of bbq....if you can't handle a little noise, you shouldn't play here. Parking wasn't a problem for us, but I can see it being an issue on some days when its really nice outside because you share the parking lot with park goers.

My only issue was the openness, which is kinda what I like about it too...but hear me out. They should have a small fence or some signage around the course. We had an older couple actually get mad at us because we told them they couldn't just walk in front of us while we were trying to tee off (uummm hello, do you not notice you are walking on to the fairway of a golf course?! The park is across the street!)...we actually almost hit them because they wouldn't move...pretty sure they didn't understand that we paid the play on the course and they were in the wrong. We also had some people walking their dogs bascially on the course...That kinda brought my fun level from a 5 to a 4.

Planning another trip before the end of the month, hopefully it will go smoother and I'll be able to give them that 5th star!

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If you want to play a quick, cheap 9 holes, Land Park will do what you need it to.

There are parts that aren't in the best shape though. There were muddy areas last time we went, even though it hadn't rained in over a month. Some parts didn't even have grass, just dirt. But the fairway and greens were pretty well maintained, which is where it really counts.

We paid $18 each, and they do have carts but we decided do huff it old-school. The biggest problem I have with this place is that it is in the middle of Land Park, which means that there are people picknicking along the fairway, students walking through the course to get home from school, etc. We had 2 children playing on the green at one point, and that's not just annoying... it's dangerous. But that's what you get at this course, so be ready to deal with it!

It's quick and easy, and I've never had a problem getting a tee time, but don't expect anything to write home about!

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