Wildwood Golf Course

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hey it's golf.  I don't golf, so I felt ridiculous.  But the course is well kept, the folks who own the place are helpful:)

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Hi gang,
  Played here 6/12.  Paid $52 w/cart.  From arrival you realize there is nothing flat here!  The parking lot is on a hillside and it's a downhill walk to the pro shop.  Staff very friendly and efficient.  First hole has a 100 ft drop to a dog legged right par 5.  Water right and trees left, so be accurate.  The course plays in a round-about, roller coaster style with challenges on every shot.  Accuracy is a premium, so don't be a hero.  The back nine starts off amazingly familiar...the 10th hole looks like the first, 11th looks like #2 and #12 is almost a mirror image of #3   WTF ??  After that the course gets creative with #15, a long par 5 to an elevated green.  The last three finishing holes are great !!  Accuracy and shotmaking skills are put to a test if you don't control your ball flight.  Driving the cart paths can get a little treacherous so don't drive too fast and you're fine.  Worth a stop, nice views of Mt Hood from #18.  Greens were still healing from sanding so the grain wasn't apparent.  Balls not stopping on the green as they should, but in a few weeks, they'll be fine.

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Don't know what more you could want from a public, very reasonably priced, golf course.  Wildwood has unique challenges for all skill levels, while still enjoyably playable at the 100+ level.  I have played the course at least 20 times and still love coming back trying to solve its idiosyncratic holes.  

They run a very tight ship, and I have played many 18 hole rounds in under 3 hours, especially early in the day.  Great deals if you can get entire groups to book before 8AM on a weekday.  

PUNISHES slices for the right handed, and hooks for the lefties; so I have found the course instrumental in my improvement over the years because I have been forced to learn to play to my weaknesses/strengths, or go through a 1/2 dozen balls each round.

enjoy this golfing treasure early and often.

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This course is great to play at and has wonderful views when you get sunny clear days. Our groups have had issues with the staff on occasion but I recommend the course and play there often still.

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Wildwood Golf Course is characterized by crazy elevation drops and also some really tight lies because it sits in a small valley. It's a fun and challenging course. You definitely have to know your distances here. Besides your distances and hitting from up high, you will also encounter trees and creeks. Everything is always pretty plush and well manicured from tee to green. I'd get a cart unless you're in tip top walking condition. It's just too much climbing and descending for me.

It's a bit of a drive, but shouldn't be too hard to find since it's located right off the highway and also there really isn't much else out there. The time you spent getting out there will be worth it and it's not too expensive to top it all off.

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