Wildwood Golf Course

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This place is a great value even with the bit of a drive out of Portland.

Course is cut through a valley, with almost every hole either teeing off way down to a fairway or green below, or having to play up a steep hillside to an elevated green.

Do the smart thing and get a cart (especially during a hot day) because walking this ass-buster of a course in the heat is a fools move.

They can get a little touchy about folks bringing in outside booze, but I suppose that's understandable given that some people have gotten all tanked up on their own supply and left to turn out onto highway 30 and gotten in really bad wrecks right out front of the course, so they like to be able to regulate who they are selling to and whether or not you have had too much to drink, which is actually really responsible of them.

If I lived closer to this place, I would play it over any of the city courses in Portland any day.

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Last Saturday we played this course again and had a horrible experience. Safety is a huge concern on 2 par 4`s on this course. We had guy who hit into the green on his drive on the second hole. We nicely discussed this with him. He did it again on the 11th hole I believe and the ball came in like a rocket and could have serously hurt someone. We called the marshal out to discuss this with him. The marshal and the manager were completely inept in dealing with this situation. The same golfer did it twice with no consequence or real remorse. We asked the marshal to remove him from the course and they responded with zero action. Its a statement I assume that golfer safety is not a large priority for the management and on course supervisors.  Very discouraged by the blatant lack of concern for golfer safety even after the golfer admitted what he did. If you cant enjoy a safe round of golf on a saturday whats the point.

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Wildwood is a really nice place, very well kept and clean. The course has some challenges but also a good place for those not as experienced. Prices are really reasonable and the staff who works there are awesome.
I went there with my group for a tournament and the staff made us feel welcome and went out of their way to make sure we had a good time. We will defiantly be back again.

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I've played here a few times. It's very scenic with some great views. It's not particularly challenging, which can be a good thing at times. There's usually a way out of every jam and it's pretty hilly. It plays a bit quicker than some public course too, which is nice. Irons only at the driving range.

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The course is too crowded.  They charge way too much.  They've hired TSA to check my bag for beers I've brought onto the course illegally.  

These are all things you may have said about other courses!  No, you would never use these phrases to describe Wildwood.

I have been golfing at this course for a few years now.  Located a nice 20 minute drive from downtown up highway 30, you'll find the best course in Portland.

For starters, when it seems like every course in Portland is 40 or more to play, an 18 hole green fee is $28.  It's a fantastic scenic course with some great views of the city.  The course was in great shape last week.  It was a little slow going because it was the first warm weekend day this year, but most people that venture out that far are only playing 9 holes anyway.  When we hit the back nine, it was smooth sailing...and my beers were still cold.

Seriously, it's a great course too.  Challenging but playable.  Well kept.  Not too wide, not too narrow.  Cool features.  Definitely a must play if you live in Portland.

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