Wildwood Golf Club

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With a name like Wildwood Golf Club, I had some pretty high expectations in mind. I went to visit some friends and the night we were there it was a teenager's birthday party. The night was filled with children who were all up on each other and us old folk, asking ourselves how some of those kids got out of the house wearing what they had on... or didn't have on. As far as the venue itself goes, it is a spacious place with ample parking. It had a decent amount of seating and a nice sized dance floor. There was a bar that opened to the side with the dance floor, and on the opposite side it was a bit more quiet if you just wanted to sit and have a rest. The bathrooms are locker room style, and the stalls were low. I think they use the place for all types of parties, and it's a decent enough space to do so. It seems like a place where you would see birthday parties of the like, or maybe parties for anniversaries. Wildwood seems like a nice enough place for an intimate gathering.

I didn't see any of this personally because it was night time, but the club also offers an 18 hole golf course that looks very nice from the pictures and a good sized pool to beat the summer heat. The course offers 3 types of membership: Golf, Social, and Pool only, that allow for different uses and participation in the course activities. I think it's a nice little hidden gem for those close to the Middletown area.

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