Wildwood Country Club

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Last night, I went here for a rehearsal dinner and did not have the best experience.  Most of that had to do with the service.  The dinner was supposed to start at seven, but the dinner wasn't ready yet, so we ended up eating a lot closer to eight.  Our waitress asked if anyone at the table wanted tea (because the alcohol served was for a champagne toast) and several of us did, but I was the only one who received tea and I honestly felt bad about drinking it.  

The food was okay, but kind of tasted like it was straight out of the Piccadilly, a local cafeteria, in the words of my husband.  The only food I really enjoyed was the chicken cordon bleu.  

Also, frankly, I thought the club was not decorated well at all and was kind of ugly on the inside.  There was so much expectation from the outside, but I was quite disappointed walking inside.

Lastly, in the lobby, there were two fake books on a table.  Who buys fake books?  Couldn't they afford real ones with the fees they charge?

Hey, it was a free meal, though.  Obviously, I won't be back unless there is the promise of another one.

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