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A superior experience at Wildcard today.

I was looking to get a hybrid-iron set as a gift for my friend who is relatively new to golf, and Wildcard delivered perfectly.

Wildcard has what you might call a "house brand" of clubs called Linksman Golf. Sure, they're not as fancy as the $5000 set that Tiger Woods is paying someone to haul around Pebble Beach, but they're good modern off-brand starter clubs.

Long story short, what the gentlemen essentially customized for my friend was perfect. A pair of gently used 4 and 5 hybrids, plus new 6-PW cavity back irons, plus a new blade-design sand wedge... all constituting a handsome 8-piece matching set.

And I can personally vouch that the clubs hit well. I was so curious, I took those gently used 4 and 5 hybrids to the driving range for a test drive :). They were good!

And the price? I was charged 60 plus tax! What a great deal for a beginner hybrid-iron set. This place rules.

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