Wichita Country Club

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Dining Review:

If there ever were a mid-western Patrick Bateman, he surely would have taken the wonderfully charming Evelyn Richardson to the WCC on their inaugural date. You see, the WCC offers a dining experience that melds environment with decadence, and is one to be enjoyed by even the most discerning (if not pretentious) food connoisseurs.

The late-evening dining area is dimly lit, but timely. It lacks that old steakhouse feel, instead transporting its patrons to a sexy vintage, oak-laden establishment. The bar is appropriately adorned in mirrors, and offers an unparalleled top-shelf liquor collection. The wine list is appropriately lengthy, with blood red vintages and sparkling white new-harvests equally available. The food blends a little bit of provincial Kansas charm with east-coast sophistication. The mini cheese bread bites as part of the bread basket offer a crisp outer layer hiding a soft, slightly sweet interior. The bacon-salad, a WCC specialty, not on the menu, is comprised of chunks and bites of real bacon mixed with finely chopped greens. The vegetable platter has ordinary grilled zucchini and squash, but its centerpiece is a Portobello mushroom topped with some sort of beet puree-mash. It's peculiarly delicious.

If you're lucky, you might find some soft, chewy, just barely undercooked, and really quite fat chocolate chip cookies...but from where, that's a secret.

If there's not a fireplace in this room, then my mind magically placed one there. It's cozy, intimate and beautiful. So polish your shoes and brush off your Merino wool suit or pin up your hair and slink on a pair of silk gloves, and head on over to the WCC for an exquisite evening. Just be careful, ladies, if you see someone who looks suspiciously like Christian Bale and is doling out business cards in some shade of Bone, steer clear: Patrick shows no boundaries in his - erm - forays.

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I recently attended a wedding here...
The food was tasty and the service was alright. I can't comment too much... though I will say that I'm happy that I've now visited the WCC.
I don't know when I will ever be back again - but I did enjoy my one evening there.

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