Whitefish Lake Golf Club

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One of the best restaurants in Montana. Exceptional wine list always good. Food is very high quality, consistently excellent. Diverse menu a wide variety of choices. You will want to go back. I have been eating there for 25 years, the golf is also as good as the food. Worth the trip. Best restaurant in the Flathead Valley.

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Whitefish Lake Golf Club was not fun for my husband and I.  We travelled from Seattle for our honeymoon and we both play a lot of golf.  We were paired up with another couple and took the first tee time on the south course.  After about 6 holes, we were told to speed it up.  However, we were well within our time (tee off at 7:32).  I got extremely upset as we paid our $65 and now couldn't even enjoy it - I felt rushed and my game went to hell.  I stopped playing because I was so upset.  We got to the 9th hole at 9:20 am, well under 2 hours.  We had planned to spend money eating at the so-called fabulous restaurant, but decided we didn't want to spend anymore money at this place.  What a bunch of snobby jerks.  This is a PUBLIC course, so it should be open to and friendly to everyone.  We will never be back to play golf here, and I really wish I could get refunded for the terrible experience.  Tourist Beware - the locals have no problem bullying their way thinking they are "members" of this PUBLIC course.  We do not recommend it at all.

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Best golf courses (2 18-hole courses) in the valley. Staff is friendly and there is an amazing restaurant on site, too.  Gets pretty busy in the middle of summer.  If you are visiting and want to make your the time in advance there is a small fee per player but it may be worth the price as tee times do get booked.

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