Whisper Rock Golf Club

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It's Masters Week! That must explain why I have been getting the chance to play a bunch of golf! I got lucky with a bunch of invitations to play some great places this week!
When a friend (not  just a buddy...anybody that that invites me to play at a place like this is someone that you would seriously entertain donating a kidney to) asks you come out a play this track, I only have one word for you...go.
If you have to clear your schedule, fly home from a business meeting, tell the kids that daddy just can't be there for the piano recital or t-ball game, just do it.
Why? Are these courses the best in the world? Well, I would not go that far. There are a number of courses around the country (and even in Arizona) that I think well of...but this place is definitely in the top five. Whisper Rock has two beautiful desert courses. The Fazio 18 is as nice a desert track as you will find. The sight lines are superb, every hole lays out nicely in front of you, and you will need to think about every shot (including your putts...remember where Phoenix is, and remember that these greens are generally pretty close to tour speed). There aren't houses surrounding the course, and it does feel like a walk in the park (OK, a desert park, but you get the idea).
The caddies are great...uniformly impressive in their knowledge of the game, their knowledge of the course and their affability during the round...they all pass the beer test (would you want to spend a cross country flight having a beer with these guys as your seatmate? Yes=pass;no=fail). The entire staff is superb and at the same time welcoming and friendly. There is none of the country club crap that you occasionally find at some clubs (I was member at Blackhawk in Danville, CA for many years, because I lived there...but I always disliked the snooty atmosphere...it was one of the big reasons that I didn't join a club when we moved to AZ).
Whisper Rock is a GOLF club, not a country club and everything revolves around that fact. The practice area is, frankly, the best I have ever seen! It's difficult to imagine the golf shot that you can't practice here.
The facilities and surroundings are beautiful...pleasant and comfortable, but elegant nevertheless. A number of tour pros and TV golf personalities are members at Whisper Rock and I see why. Terrific courses and practice facilities, comfortable surroundings, real camaraderie and friendliness from everybody.
What great week for golf!

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