Whip-Poor-Will Golf Club

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Cute little 9 hole course in Hudson.
It's weird trying to find the place - well, not difficult, but when you get there, you drive down the road and there's a sign that says "Private Road, Residents Only", and so you turn back, confused.
I actually asked a golfer I saw on the green where the clubhouse was.  She said to ignore that sign, pass it and take your next right, which is what I did.
The clubhouse is an old yellow house.  The parking lot is a little walk from it - just a gravel lot.  There's a tennis court and pool there - but those aren't part of the club - they actually belong to the private condo / home area that's next door.
Anyhow I got right out - this was at 5:30 PM on a weekday.  It was expensive, like $23 or $25 just to walk 9 but I just wanted to get out.
The course itself is OK.  It's not in GREAT shape - a few times in the "fairway" I was hitting from dirt.  But, I liked the layout, I liked the design of the holes.  I liked the guy I was paired up with.  I liked the quiet - there's only a little road noise from the single road up to the clubhouse - and that's only by the first and second hole.  After that - it's wonderful how peaceful it is.  Well, maybe the occasional low-flying plane.  We did get a beer cart!  There was a ladies league ahead of us so we were lucky he was around - that doesn't happen often here.
I had a nice time.  Some of the holes are maddeningly difficult - 8 especially.  But I liked it well enough.  If I'm in the area I'd go here again.

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