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We had our wedding here September 13, 2014 - and we were just blown away with the service and quality of everything that day!  Aliza was our main coordinator and she handled everything!  We had on-site coordinators, who drove us around in golf-carts to our photo locations.  They completely took care of us and our guests.  I can't say enough about how awesome it was to have our wedding there.  Would recommend it to anyone!

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Came here for a wedding.  Had no idea there was such a nice club up here.

Parking is available in a nice large lot in front of the building.

The place is very rustic, and very classy.  The inside has lots of wood (much like a loft-type cabin), and the view out of the balcony is great, as this location is very far up a mountain.  A surprisingly good venue - definitely one of the nicest local weddings I have ever been to.

Staff were very friendly and professional.

The catered buffet food here is one of the best I've had at any local venue.  They actually got the prime rib and salmon right - most other buffets completely overcook it.  I was stuffing my face like no tomorrow.  Special mention also goes to their pasta - just don't ask how many calories are in the sauce.  Same goes for the lamb.

I would highly recommend this spot as a venue space.

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I had my wedding at Westwood Plateau on August 2nd, 2014 and it was amazing!! I can't say enough good things about the staff. Aliza was my contact throughout the process and she was so patient, understanding, and kind. Mandy and Jen were my coordinators on the actual day and wow they were incredible. I would recommend Westwood to anyone!!

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We hosted our wedding here and to the guest, the night went out without a hitch. Everyone was wowed by the amount of food and they couldn't stop raving about how good it was. Planning the wedding with Stephanie was great. She was extremely helpful and accommodating.

However, as happy as we were with the event, it was disappointing that Westwood wasn't able to come through on many things. We found the staff that were there on the day of EXTREMELY disorganized and here's why.

1. We arrived at the venue at 4pm. During our rehearsal we were assured that arriving at 4 would give us plenty of time to freshen up and get organized in time for the ceremony at 4:45. Instead, I found myself running around dealing with last minute things. The first issue we had were the boutonnieres. No one knew where they were. We called our florist twice to have him tell us both times that it was by a fridge inside a cooler. The problem was that there were many fridges at the venue. Finally, at 4:30 they were found and were distributed to our guests, who had already taken their seats for the ceremony in the garden. While this was possibly a communication error, we would have thought our day-of coordinator would know where the boutonierres were located.

2. Family members helped set up the registration table where there was supposed to be an easel for our guest seating chart. When they came earlier that morning to set this up, they had to ask for it and were told they'll get one up before the ceremony. By 4pm there was still no easel in place and the day of coordinator was asked twice and we still had nothing by 4:30. Thankfully, it was provided by the time the ceremony finished but the easel was part of the wedding details plan on the diagram that was provided and should have been there from the beginning.

3. I noticed was that our musicians in the ceremony garden did not have a 10 x 10 white tent set up, which was supposed to be provided. This was also provided on the diagram of the garden plan provided. I didn't have time to talk to the musicians before the ceremony but was able to talk to them afterwards and asked them what happened to the tent. They said they arrived and there was no tent, they requested one from one of the workers and it never came. Luckily it didn't rain and their instruments were not in contact with direct sunlight. By chance had it started to rain, I don't know what they would have done. We certainly wouldn't have wanted to be liable for their instruments.

4. When we arrived at the venue we also noticed that the ceremony flowers along with the podiums were missing in the garden. We eventually found them in one of the back rooms, but Westwood staff seemed unsure of whether they belonged to us. After having to convince the coordinator that they were ours, they were finally brought outside to the ceremony. With so many things on our minds that night we had completely forgotten about them after the ceremony. During the rehearsal, it was decided that one of them would stand next to the guestbook sign-in (registration) table. Instead they were taken back to the room where we found them. Considering we had spent good money on the flowers, it would have been nice if someone asked us if we wanted them to be displayed in the reception room. They were put out at the ceremony at 4:25pm and half an hour later they were hidden from all the guests for the rest of the night.

5. Fast forward to the reception. The doors opened at 5:30pm and dinner started at 7pm. It wasn't until about 7:20 that the candles from our decorator at the head table and the centerpieces at the guest tables were just starting to be lit by Westwood staff. Based on previous conversations with Stephanie, they were to be lit by the time the doors opened at 5:30 for the guests.

6. The dessert buffet looked great. However, no one told us it was ready to go and so our MCs couldn't make an announcement. As a result people who were mingling outside the reception room found it and word slowly got out that the dessert buffet was open. Our guests were surprised when others came in with a full plate of dessert. We would have appreciated that the venue let us know so the MCs could have made the announcement.

7. We knew the day of coordinator wasn't going to be around the whole night. We were told there was going to be a night coordinator. However, she never told us when she was going to leave and I'm pretty sure there was no night coordinator as we were never introduced to anyone. After around 8:30 our day of coordinator disappeared and there was no go-to person from Westwood to speak to.

Ultimately, while we recognize that many of these issues were not significant enough for our guests to notice, we were rather disappointed by the the disorganization and lack of communication from the venue staff. We truly had a wonderful day and look forward to the day we can return as guests so we can enjoy all the awesome food.

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This review is for Rogues, the small restaurant inside the Country Club).  

Rogues is a hidden gem on Westwood Plateau.  I cannot say enough good things about the recent meals I have had here. They have promotions on every night including a Pasta Night (that was Sunday, Monday & Tuesday nights) where I had a to die for Beef Stroganoff and caeser salad for only $13.95.  They also have a nice wine list that is very reasonably priced.

The food up at Rogues is always fresh, the service is prompt and it is always extremely quiet inside because unfortunately, people seem to forget about it and don't visit.  I was just checking their specials for the coming week and it looks like they have closed for the season with no reopen date.  It's too bad as it has become a fast favourite of mine!

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