Westwood Golf Club

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Went here for Josh's birthday dinner.  There were about 25? of us there.

Our entire party wanted to get a type of BBQ Burger, but then the waitress outright stopped us and told us they were out of ingredients and could only make 15 burgers .___. So after looking at the menu, I thought their strawberry salad with the fruit and some greens and nuts sounded good and tried to order that and the waitress again kindly informed me that they were out of strawberries ._______.

So I ended up instead getting chicken quesadillas and they were pretty bad.  Its chicken, peppers, caramelized onions, and the shells, somehow didn't taste right.  I barely finished half of it and didn't even bother to box the other half to bring home.

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Some friends of mine go here to golf every Wednesday. Nice course and decently priced.

They offered to bring me a sandwich after golf one night. When I was half way through the first half of my Rachel, I noticed I was chewing on what I believed to be at the time, stale chewy bread. Upon further review I was chewing on a piece of GAUZE! That's right, gauze. Probably off of someones dirty infected cut finger. This piece of gauze in particular, was 4 inches long once unfolded. Glad I didn't choke!

I called and called to complain and get refunded. After a few days someone finally called me back. It "didn't come from her employees or kitchen" but she was going to check the bakery. Said they would leave a gift card at the bar for my friends when they returned. They tried to get it last week and no one knew what they were talking about. If my customer got gauze in their sandwich, I would've been documenting and making sure they were more than compensated for the disgusting unwanted game of fear factor I was forced to play.

Oh, and did I mention the next week a bread tie was found in my buddy's sandwich? I hear the course is good, but don't stick around for food. The kitchen is a mess!

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