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Attended a small celebration for close friends of the family at Westwood Country Club.

Access was easy,  parking ample,  and the signage obvious upon entering the building. Although the building looked a bit "tired" inside and out, the place was clean and the staff friendly and accommodating. Compared to other area country clubs I've experienced, Westwood was not as upscale, which isn't a negative, just an observation. My hunch is that this club has the potential for a renaissance. Here's a thought, perhaps a name change would help, maybe something like Westwood Golf and Tennis Club.

The function space was plenty roomy and private, with a portable bar in the "lobby". There was an assorted cheese, fruit, vegetable and cracker tray to graze on, loaded with freshness, and although it was not prominently displayed, we all seemed to find our way to it.

The Lunch Buffet was okay; thumbs up on the mixed green salad, but thumbs down on the salad gobbed with too much thick, white dressing. The buffet included oven-roasted veggies which were tasty, if not a bit overly buttery/salty/seasoned, ditto the red roasted potatoes. Guests at our table enjoyed the roast beef on weck.

The waitstaff were remarkably attentive - nearly tip-toeing around so as to be as unintrusive as possible - making sure all were well attended to, even the hot tea drinker, the one who usually gets forgotten, but not here. Hats off to such good service, well done.

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Nice club, nice course. Used to be the Jewish Country Club, apparently.  The pool is very nice as well. Some of the par 3s are long, but the course is well manicured and there are plenty of old-growth trees to make it challenging and beautiful.

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