Westwinds Golf Course

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If you're looking to shoot a round of golf with ghosts, this is the place for you.

After taking a two and a half hour long golfing road trip to Victorville from Los Angeles, we finally arrived at our location: Westwinds Golf Course. We hopped off of the freeway at D St. in Victorville and took a 2 mile drive west up the road in the middle of nowhere to find... Nothing but a scary, abandoned town. We took a small road through the entry gate of the ghost town. The gate guard was non-existent and the gate kiosk was missing one of the four walls holding it up.

We drove through this town full of small abandoned houses, an abandoned school, and an abandoned gymnasium to finally reach what used to be a nice and empty public 9-hole golf course. When we got to the course, we found withered trees and dying grass. Oh! And there was a rock, too!

Shortly after finding out that this once beautiful golf course now belongs to the dead, we realized that we probably shouldn't be in this ghost town without a rifle or a slingshot any longer. So, we scurried back to the car and drove off. Then got lost... After a short panic, my buddies and I found the exit and took off before they could make The Hills Have Eyes part 4 starring us.

This place is no longer. This place ceases to be. This place is an ex-golf course. The phone number will direct you to someone's residence. The maintenance number, for some strange reason, says it is busy. Don't let that fool you - There is no golf course.

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For some reason Yelp does not have Green Tree Golf Course listed. I know they are affiliated so I'll just leave review here. I think West Winds is closed down anyway. This is a great course I've played 5 or 6 times. Course always plays well with little back up. Tee boxes were a little rough as I have been told they are changing boxes to new rye grass. Course and management definitely going in the right direction here. Always a pleasure to play!

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I really enjoy West Winds as a place to practice.
Early in the morning on a Sunday ....
still cool before the heat of the day
It is a small nine hole course in Victorville.
Located among the half torn down buildings of the old George AFB.
It has a small driving range and two putting greens.
Bucket of balls - three or six bucks.
I like the prices they charge.
$7.00 for nine - the twilight rate .....
$20.00 for 18 holes on the weekend
And  - the sun is cooperating staying out longer in the evening.
It is a course you can walk.
It has some serious elevation changes. Some sidehill lies ...
trees always seem to be just in the wrong place ...
It is nice and challenging and well worth the price.
The club house people do not seem overly friendly.
But then again, I am not one of the locals -  
It looks as if they do a nice business in the dining area ....
Oh Well -  
..... it is still a nice place to practice.

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