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First of all, that J M dude is straight up smoking CRACK! I have an average drive of about 310 and frequently get 330-340 out of my driver. Having said that, I RARELY do NOT use my driver on most of the holes. There are a TON of long straight fairways to play with on this course. That clown must have been on another course and second of all, Jeffersonville golf course is HORRIBLE! Some of the worst greens in the area and they overbook their tee times - and are notorious for this. This is a very wide open forgiving course.

I recently downgraded my rating for this place - solely based on the douchebag "manager" of the place. He charged my buddy $25 to golf but charged me $30 - 5 minutes before my friend got there and no, the rates didnt change in that time frame. After the round I questioned him about this. After a 10 minute argument and some of the WORST analogies I've ever heard in my life, he tells me he "accidentally" undercharged my friend. Dude, you've been working here for like 10 years - you "undercharged" him? Give me a break.

Its not the money, its the principle.

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Here for a meeting then lunch. So far the waitress and people here have been very friendly. Looks like a nice golf course that I do want to play when I come back. Coffee and Danish are great so far.

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Great golf course. Great price and is easy to get to. The course is well spread out but the cart path could use a touch up. The greens were soft and played slow. Great course, tuff to go anywhere else.

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Saw the other reviews for this course and they aren't helpful enough.  You should know that this course plays 5800 yards from the Blues and that is on a generous day.  

In other words, leave your driver at home.  The notion that you won't lose a lot of balls is true, as long as you don't mind playing your ball on top of someone else's fairway and as long as you don't mind people constantly hitting out of your fairway.  

The grass here is like no other in the area, it's very nice and certainly a treat compared to Jeffersonville and Skippack.  

Half of the carts at this place don't have an upper glass pane.  

The greens are inconsistent, the more you get accustomed to them the bigger advantage you'll have over your opponent.  

The front nine is playing at an unusual Par 37.
The day I was there the back nine on the card was  a Par 33 but the 14th hole was playing from the ladies tees which essentially turned a short Par 4 into a 210 yd Par 3.

So the back was playing at Par 32 that day equaling Par 69 for the course.  ARE YOU SERIOUS!  Yes I am..ridiculous.

Driving Range = YES but wedges only....maybe you can hit your 8 & 9 iron but the netting is down and anything over 180 yds is on the first hole's fairway.

Prices are high for such an unconventional course.  

My recommendation which is totally unbiased, I love golf everywhere, is to skip this place for Jeffersonville if Jeff isn't too crowded.  But when you can't get a time at Jeff, this place will sate your craving for some holes.

Hit em Straight.

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i've passed this course hundreds of times going to Jeffersonville and finally I told myself I would try Westover. I am very glad i did. Great course. Its not huge but a fun course to play. It was in good shape the couple times i played there and the people I met on the first tee to be my friends for the next 4 hours were always super nice. I will defiantly go back.

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