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This review is for the brides out there considering having their reception here...

Everything was great until a few days before. The food was not what we had picked out. It was good, but not what we were expecting. This probably could have been avoided if they answered my food questions earlier than 2 days before, when I had been asking for weeks. (Then there was a huge fight over what we had ordered vs. what we were paying for... not something a bride wants to deal with 2 days before). So, our New York strip was actually roast beef.

When we got the bar bill, the prices were significantly higher than what we had discussed. But, we had nothing in writing to dispute it. We never received an itemized bill for anything.

Here's the worst part though: They told us, go ahead and leave everything, don't worry about a thing, and come pick everything up Sunday morning. We did just that, thinking our things would be stored safely. We came back on Sunday to discover that most of our cards with monetary gifts had been stolen. The box was not tampered with and there was only a small opening, so someone had to have stood there and picked the cards out one by one, so clearly it did not happen during the reception. We thought, hey, you have security cameras! Just check those! Turns out, those are fake. I spoke with the owner of Western Lakes and he basically chastised me, telling me, I can't believe the person you put in charge of watching the card box didn't watch it. Really? Clearly I didn't think to have a designated person and you're just going to be a jerk right now? All they kept saying is that they aren't responsible for lost or stolen items and did nothing to help. And unfortunately, all I had was the coordinator's word against mine on whether or not we were told we could leave everything.

Moral of the story: GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING. Seriously, every single thing.

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This is a really great golf course.  It is difficult though.  There is a lot of water and a lot of sand.  However if you make the fairway you are pretty much guaranteed a flat lie, which is nice.  

The condition of the course is top notch.  The fairways are very well maintained and the rough is really easy to hit out of.  Even when I missed the fairway my lie wasn't that bad.  Except, of course,  when I went in to the creek behind #14 green.  

The clubhouse is pretty nice too.  There is a nice small bar downstairs and a larger one upstairs.  I'm assuming the upstairs bar is mostly open for events and outings.  

The driving range is really nice too.  There are practice target flags at various distances to help you practice from any distance.  

I would play here any time.

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