Western Hills Golf Course

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great place to golf no one bothers you great price as previous comment had a beautiful day today there

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Very enjoyable round of golf for a reasonable price. Greens well maintained though a bit slow,interesting and challenging terrain,they should have more drinking water on the course. Challenging course to walk. Good value I paid $30 w/cart

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I can't believe I'm writing this...

Something big has occurred here within the last four months. Did they change superintendents? Did they start paying the grounds crew a living wage? Did they sprinkle magic fairy dust about the entire property?

Whatever happened, what was once the undisputed laughing stock of Connecticut golf is now a genuinely serviceable, pleasantly inexpensive golf experience. Walk the course for $20 after 1PM on a Saturday, or $35 with a cart. Does it get better than that when the golf course you're playing on doesn't make you want to vomit?

It's like a different place altogether. The fairways are now covered in actual grass. The greens putt consistently and at a proper speed for amateur golf. The tee boxes are decent, and the sand traps have actual sand in them! Even the two putting greens near the clubhouse are pleasant and well-kept.

You may hereby ignore all detailed descriptions from my previous reviews.

What are you, and what have you done with Western Hills?

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