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My friend and I decided to play hooky from work so we can play golf on his birthday.  Naturally he chose something that is NOT always accessible, different, and a little special for birthday golf.  He chose Western Hills "Country Club" as we have never played it before and it's exclusive.  He found a deal online that would give us access to this otherwise membership club.

Upon arriving, it was definitely off the beaten path.  It's no where near a strip mall or any other landmark for that matter.  Cellphone coverage sketchy at best.  It affected me personally as I had to take my credit card out twice to re-scan because the phone hung up before my credit card transaction went thru at the clubhouse.  On the topic of cell coverage, we couldn't get our yardage finder to update fast enough to keep up with play because once again, sketchy at best.  We know that talking on the phone is a no no so we didn't mind that aspect of it, but when it affects your yardages which is suppose to help pace of play, it sucks.

What made it an ever longer day is that while the yardage finder took forever to update, finding yardages was equally as difficult because they painted them on the golf patch and if you were on the fairway some where it was extremely difficult to see.

On this particular Monday as is with most golf courses, they were doing maintenance and grooming which is great.  It means they care about their course.  What I didn't appreciate was them not turning off the lawn mower while on the tee box.  I thought when you pay high ticket prices to play, there is some type of privilege.  IN this case, I had felt that I was holding up the lawn mower.  Wait, don't my green fees pay his salary?  That's absolutely not right.  Totally f"d up my concentration, my shot.  NO I am not Tiger and do not have nerves of steel.  Totally ridiculous.  

Why i'm also giving a 2 star is the fact that they had sprinklers on in certain areas of the fairway.  I understand that golf is played on grass and it needs water, but they could easily just let it run at night.  Not in the middle of my round.  Last but not least, I was already irked by the lawn mower, annoyed by the sprinklers, and on number 15, it had leaves every where on the green making it difficult to put without doing some house cleaning first.  Would have been better if they took a leaf blower to it.

Other than that, Western Hills is your run of the mill public course a la San Dimas Canyon.  It's a little hilly.  it's in OK condition. The greens were nice tho.  And the pace of play was pretty quick for a Monday.  Go figure right.  For a "membership:" course I really thought we could slow it down and enjoy the round, instead, I felt rushed the whole way through.  I do not recommend.  You can stay in your neck of the of the woods and play your local track.

For me, I like El Dorado Golf, Big Rec in LB, and Skylinks (a little expensive).  Those are my home tracks and I feel very spoiled to have them.  Home of the Long Beach Open.

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Disclaimer: The fi and I didn't actually visit this site, but I wanted to post a mini review, as this Country Club is available for wedding receptions (not sure about ceremonies), yet nothing on Yelp indicates this.

In the never ending search for a venue, I started looking up country clubs in the Chino Hills area. I decided to give Western Hills a call after seeing on their website that they do host receptions. (Check the website out-- there are a few pictures; a Google search also led me to a video of another couple who was married at this site).

I called the country club and was directed to Annette. She had our June date available (we are currently 8 months out from the projected date) and was even able to schedule a visit for this coming Sunday, but unfortunately the max capacity of the country club is 224 and we are looking for a 300 person venue.

What really stood out though is how helpful Annette was. Upon hearing that Western Hills would not work out, she inquired about our head count and ceremony site, then directed me to a few other venues that might be suitable for us.

Again, we did not visit this site, but just wanted to throw it out there in case it helps and other soon-to-be brides!

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Great Place! We are here a lot.  This is place is great even though I do not golf.

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We have been members here for 5 years now and play about once a week.  The course is always beautiful and well taken care.  As a beginner golfer, the course is challenging, but not intimidating.  Unless my ball happens to roll into one of several creeks running through the grounds, I can usually find my lost ball, which I appreciate.    

The staff are wonderful, friendly and accommodating.  The food in the grill (breakfast and lunch only) is tasty, reasonably priced, as are the drinks in the bar; $7 for top-shelf.  

I would rate this country club a 5-star, but unfortunately, the facilities are in dire need of upgrading.  The staff does a good job of keeping the place clean, but the clubhouse, locker rooms, and banquet facilities are all very dated, and the carpet has lost all resilience and is becoming a tripping hazard.  In 5 years I have yet to see a maintenance person doing any painting or repairs to the interior or exterior of the clubhouse.  

I enjoy this place most for the amazing outdoor scenery and the great staff, not to mention the mean bloody mary's in the bar.

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We just played this golf course on a Monday for $50. It's a nice 18 holes layout and can be challenging with greens in good condition. However, since it is a country club, it seems that when they open it up to the general public, once a month, they don't really care for the walk-ins. Ball washers without water, dry potable water tanks, only one toilette available in the meager club house, several fairways closed to carts. For $50 I expect better.

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