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I joined here two years ago after kicking around the idea for a while.
I'm in my early 30s and I wondered if I really needed this and if I'd actually fit in.  I guess I always imagined a country club as snooty and for old people.  Boy, was I wrong.

I've golfed at many clubs before and it always seemed like the mini cliques that were around would be hard to get into.  Not the case here - everyone was really friendly and welcoming.

Fast forward two years and I've met a ton of great folks, and much to my surprise - there are a lot of people in their early 30s and up.  I loved feeling part of a place that my kids can swim with other families, enjoying eating outside, and having the huge practice area to improve my game.

If you're thinking about any other club, don't.  This is a Donald Ross course that will eat you up.  You'll be quickly humbled by the course, especially when the greens are running 11+ on the meter.

There are great deals for the under 40 crowd, tons of craft beers on draft and it's a great place to bring your family, guests and clients.

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Absolutely stunning location for our May wedding. When I toured I was immediately put at ease by Halley, she was so sweet and answered all our questions. She assured us they had what we were looking for and after touring we felt that they certainly did!
The food was fantastic. The servers and locker room staff that I worked with were kind and helpful.

Unfortunately, Debi the banquet coordinator was an entirely different story. She was a nightmare to work with and I cannot recommend having a wedding here as a result.

I was horrified to discover that not only did she do everything I asked her NOT to, but everyone from my photographer, harpist, coordinator, decorator, pianist and bridal party all said she treated them terribly and was incredibly rude and difficult to work with the whole day. I am so disappointed that when our friends and family look back on our wedding day they remember her and the way she carried on.
So what did Debi do to ensure our wedding day was a "unforgettable"?
-Made my decorator tear down all the outside ceremony decorations during the indoor reception. The decorator had numerous conversations with Debi prior to the day of, and this was never discussed as something that had to be done immediately. As a result, our decorator, who was also a guest and close friend, did not get to eat dinner or enjoy the reception.
-She waited until the reception had started to tell the decorator that candles had to be covered or put out (and decorating had been done in the morning, she said nothing until this time).
-I asked that we cut the cake prior to serving the cupcakes, but she didn't listen and served cupcakes while we were still eating.
-When serving the cupcakes our guests were requesting specific flavors, they were told NO they cannot request or choose their cupcake flavor (after I had specifically requested our guest be able to choose their flavor and she had agreed prior to the wedding).
-By the time we went to cut the cake, we found it tossed on a table with no cake stand or knife in sight. I searched the tables until I found a cake stand and plopped it on there. By this point I was nearly in tears standing there waiting for someone to find a knife to use, but no use. Eventually we used my brothers army knife, no joke! It was the only one that could be found. (In a country club that serves and caters?)  
-She told us we could stay as late as we needed to, and then at 9:30 everyone was told they needed to be cleaned up and out of the building in 30 minutes.
I could go on and on, but I think I've conveyed the general point: our experience in working with her was completely awful.

I have debated for months as to whether or not I should leave a review or say anything. But after spending time with some of our groomsmen this past weekend and Debi being all they talked about, I realized that people need to know.

It's not possible to make what happened right, but at least I can warn others.
In conclusion: The facility is beautiful, classic and timeless. However, the person running it nearly ruined my wedding day!

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