Westchester Country Club Manursing Way Beach Club

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The renovation is complete and stunning. There are now Beautiful 2nd floor ocean views! The spectacular glass surround enclosure adds a great modern touch to this classic country club! Love the bar re-do as well!

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Glorified catering hall. And the woman named Mary working there has an attitude larger than the golf course.

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I liked it, beautiful, but got bed bugs, so I guess that's a hard experience to recommend

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Remarkable service, remarkable attention to detail, remarkable food, and remarkable fun with wonderful people.  I wish I could give 10 stars.

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Last week I was on the grounds of this country club on a beautiful fall day. I was really happy on the drive up to see some splashes of color in the trees. Nice to escape from the concrete forest. And so close by!

A country club is a country club is a country club. This one has one of the most sought after golf courses in the country. I don't golf but the green is beautiful to behold from the slightly elevated campus area. The pro shop has some things for purchase that I'm sure are coveted by golfers everywhere. In the Sports Building there is a private gym, a sports grill, and a grand dining area. I still will never understand why on earth there need to be so many floral patterns in these types of places, but at least it had a little more taste than Tavern on the Green. I wouldn't call it tacky. I would say that I would have done something different with the room but maybe the clientele responds to such patterns.

There are also tennis courts. Didn't get to view those much but they have been visited by the likes of Mats Wilander, John McEnroe, and The Honorable Former Mayor Dinkins.

Unless you're a member you have to walk a half mile to get to your car to use your cell phone because they don't allow those on the premises. My supervisor got caught with hers and she got a verbal warning and a little card sat on the table while we ate breakfast that said "NO CELLPHONE USE" (ick. One star off! We're working here!)

Not much in the way of diversity here. Brown faces in uniforms make sure your towels are clean and your food is served and your car is picking you up on time. No surprise there. It is a country club after all.

The food here is really quite delicious. My personal favorite is the omelette bar. The presentation isn't all that great but you have your choice of eggs or egg whites only and a rainbow of veggies, cheese, and meats to customize your eggs. Mmmmmm. Reminds me of Sunday mornings at USF.

New Yorkers looking for a little get-away-from-it-all? Take the train to Rye!

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