Westbury Country Club

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This has always been one of my favorites, because I was a member here many years ago. That being said, I have never been more dissatisfied with a round of golf in my life. My cousin and I should have known better when we saw we were the only people there. Tree's down everywhere to begin with, coupled with the poor customer service- we should have left then.
But the fun didn't end there, concrete bridge's were out leaving long backtracks to find your tee shot under fallen branches on the spartan fairways with overgrown grass bunkers, they were a treat. Many of the greens were in disrepair, pin locations were improperly or poorly installed. When I brought this up to the grouch working the pro shop, I told him I wanted my money back. Lets just say that went poorly, should have known, he looked liked he just crawled out of the ditch. I would like to give minus stars but I just cant bring myself to do it, perhaps there are some redeeming features such as the fact this was once a champion caliber golf course in days gone bye.  

Such a shame, this course was once pristine. Now it is less than shadow of it's former self, someone please, buy this overwhelming course and bring it back to life. Until such a time when the present management has either sold out or invested money to bring this course back to life, I wont be back. Id rather go to Brookside or one of the city courses.....

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TERRIBLE courses.  The fairways and greens are in BAD shape (brown should not be the main color of a golf course).  There were roped off areas everywhere, maybe to allow grass to take root?  They're going to need more than that to revive this course.  The fairways are ultra-thin and seriously in need of a green thumb.

Also, the old Asian lady working the counter was giving us dirty looks and speaking to us like we were stealing from her.  Uhhh yeah actually I think you stole my money to play at your crappy course.  Reminded me of the convenience store scene from Don't Be a Menace...HURRY UP AND BUY!

Next time I'm going to Lincoln Park or Lake Hefner.  Same price, way better courses and no wenches to deal with.

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