Weequahic Park Golf Course

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This is NJ's best kept secret. Built in 1913, Weequahic is NJ's first public golf course. But to be on it, you'd never know it was public. The greens and fairways are immaculately kept. Weekdays, especially the afternoons, are not crowded. You could play several holes without seeing another golfer. Each hole presents a different challenge, and after a summer of golfing here, I have yet to feel bored. Best of all, the staff is as friendly, courteous and helpful as it gets. After my first visit, I knew I wanted to join. After only the second visit, the staff greeted me by name. Wow. I felt like I had joined an exclusive country club and paid them a million dollars to do that! But of course, I hadn't. The hospitality is genuine and priceless. All the money in the world can't buy the great guys who make this the best place to golf in NJ! Kudos to all of you: Marcus, Craig Jr, Andre, Anthony, Frankie, Robert, Wiley, Jerry, Randell, Charles, Jim, and whoever I'm forgetting to name here. THANK YOU!!!!

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Woke up on a gorgeous Sunday morning and called my buddy who lives in Manhattan.  Neither of us have a car so we needed something accessible to the train.  I tried Emerson but they were booked.  Silver Lake in Staten Island seemed too difficult to get to.  Why not give the old tourist mecca known as Newark, NJ a shot?  

I called this place up.  No reservations for out of county folk like us.  They said not to worry so we met up in Newark Penn Station.  Pretty easy to snag a cab outside on Raymond Blvd West.  The cab ride was around $20 so not bad if you are splitting with a friend.

The staff was helpful and courteous.  The gave us a ton of ice in a bag to keep us hydrated which was nice.  I hate courses that give you a cup of ice.  It's 80 degrees out and this will melt in two minutes.  Dre was carrying the beverages in the drink cart and even hit a ball with us.  Definitely a good staff and they did something above and beyond later when we ran into logistical trouble getting back to the train station.

The course itself is in good shape.  They have pretty good conditions on the fairway.  the greens are in good shape and challenging.  There were a few that were really sloped and frustrating, but that is golf.  There are not a lot of water hazards and a decent amount of sand.  The whites are a little short.  They have several dog legs.  We even encountered a snapper turtle.  Overall, it was a satisfying round of golf for $61 out of county.  They allow you to pay for a membership for $250 or something that gets your fees down to around $35 riding.

So our cab never showed, so Jerry (manager) gave us the red carpet treatment and offered to take us back to downtown.  They have no food other than snacks and no liquor license there which would've knocked this down to 3 stars, but the ride gained them a star.  He drove us to Dinosaur BBQ which was awesome.  This is a good course with reasonable prices and easy without a car.

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By far the worst managed golf course in NJ. Consider playing mini-golf before wasting your time and money here! It's unfortunate but true.

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