Wedgewood Golf Course

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Gotta love Wedgwood Golf Course. It might be a short, par 29, nine hole course, but you've got to hit good shots to score well. It's owned and managed by a couple named John & Ellen.  They also had a course up in North Dakota. I think they would run one during the winter and the other half of the year they were at the other course. Super nice people and John is a player. Don't play him straight'll need to handicap it and take your strokes, especially if you are playing at Wedgewood.  They sold the North Dakota course and are here full time now.  No tee times needed, just show up and they will take care of you.  You can rent pull carts and they have a few electric carts, but it's really a walking course.  They've got a couple of par fours and the rest are par threes. Local rules listed on back of scorecard read:

1. ONE tee shot. NO Mulligans
2. Keep Electric Carts 15 feet from greens and OFF Tee areas.
3. Keep pull carts OFF greens, tees and collars.
4. Repair ball marks on greens and replace divots.
5. NO hitting from lawns. Lawns are out of bounds.  Drop ball within 2 club lengths from point where ball crosses out of bounds line.  One penalty stroke.
6. Lost ball or unplayable lie in woods: Drop ball within 2 club lengths.  One penalty stroke.  
7. Observe golf etiquette - if there is an open hole ahead, SPEED UP or allow faster players through!
8. CLEAR greens IMMEDIATELY after putting out.
9. Shirts required!

Nine simple rules for this awesome little track.  These local rules are very fair.  In fact, the actual rules of golf are more penal, so go by these when you play and you should score better.

It's a bit of a hike to get to, but it's worth playing.  It's close to Black Bear and there are several other courses in the area.  I would suggest playing Wedgewood either before or after another round at one of the 18 hole layouts nearby like Red Tail or Eagle Dunes.  

Avid players will really appreciate this course but I recommend it to all players because it is in good shape and the people are nice.  Bring your short game or you'll be grinding like you are at any of the championship courses in town.  This game is tough no matter what the yardage or target score!

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