Webster Golf Club

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The employees, the West course and the golfers were nice.   The West clubhouse was pretty empty.  I wonder if they were just getting ready to hibernate for the Winter.  They had 2 televisions I believe and a grill for fried food.  I never looked at a menu just passing thru to golf.

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Customer Service is less than desired.  Would not recommend anyone having their wedding or event there. I helped set up for a friend of the family's Wedding in September.  The manager Dave was not a kind person- I called ahead and he verified that the tables and linens were set up and ready for our centerpieces.  When I arrived- they were not.  In fact, the linens were not even delivered. Upon introducing myself and questioning the linens/table set up he was caught in his own lie and from there started screaming and yelling profanities.  He called me an "F*n little bi*tch" for asking him and was close to physically assaulting me. He was threatening and violent.  I had nothing to say to a grown man who would yell at a petite 5' woman and the profanities and name calling did not stop.  He followed me into a room screaming words I can not repeat and threatened to force me off 'his' property.  He even threatened me if he saw my face again on 'his property'.  It was disgusting.

It would not be right for me not to share my caution and alarm to anyone planning to work with the egotistical manager Dave.  Please be cautious of hosting and event there.

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Well Maintained Golf Course for all skill levels. They have a first rate grass driving range and 36 holes available for public play.

The West Course is set up for the more Novice and beginner golfer with no sand traps, trees that have been trimmed up underneath them and shorter holes. Don't be fooled though.This course can be challenging with small, crowned greens and some water hazards. The East course is the nicer (condition-wise) and longer of the two for the more skilled golfer. The greens are bigger on the east and there is a lot more trouble through sand traps, water and trees.

The Pro Shop is small but they have a limited bar on the west course and a full bar on the east course with a snack grill and full kitchen serving out on a patio in the evenings.

Head out here and give it a shot.

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Another well maintained and managed course.

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