Weber Park Golf Course

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awesome for a quick 1hr round. almost always wide open. condition is normally pretty good. great place for a 1 club match (1 single club ONLY). if you buy a 10 round pass its only $7.20 per round. mini cafe inside building too

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A great par 3 course. Excellent place to work on the short game. Always well maintained. Greens are a little slower but that is to be expected at a muni par 3. There are still some putts that are more challenging than other par 3 courses I've played.
A little break down with my GPS&laser yardage
Hole 1 120-137 yds one of the smaller greens here, although not small w/bunker left
Hole 2 105-130 yds slight two tier green w/bunker left
Hole 3 115-130 yds a wide short greenw/bunker left.
Hole 4 72-90 yds large bunker front green, partially blind uphill shot
Hole 5 95-110 yds bunker left, back, and right. wide green.
Hole 6 135-150 yds bunker left, deep green w/decent amount of break
Hole 7 130-150 yds bunker back left front right. one of the flatter greens
Hole 8 95-110 yds a lot of pin placement options leading to club changes
Hole 9 115-130 yds bunker back left. slope from back to front. right club for right level.

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You really can't ask for anything more than what this course offers. For $10 you get 9 holes of Par 3s. Really nothing fancy, but for only $10 ($8 for Skokie residents) and for my level of skill Weber Park is perfect for me. There is actually better 'fairway' than other courses I've played at, and the course includes several sand bunkers. The greens are surprisingly hard on some holes. Well worth the $10! Just remember, a lot of players here aren't that great, so expect to have some slow moving groups.

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I had heard about this course several years ago and went to play it for the first time a few weeks ago on a Sunday. It was pretty crowded and slow going, but despite this a good place to practice your short game. I went back the following Tuesday and it was League Day, so the course was filled with little old ladies wearing mismatched golf clothes, with their purses a-hangin' off of their pull carts. I do believe I fit right in.

Seriously though, it's a good place to work on your short game. It's $10, the greens are not as easy as they look, and you can get through in 90 minutes when it's busy. More than a few people told me there are times when there is no one on the course. Just gotta figure out when that is, and it'll be great.

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Its the best 1 to 1.5 hour golf game you can do for $10.

You only need a putter, and a few of your irons.

Great place for your mid to short game.  Just don't use tees for a more accurate practice.

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