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I've golfed at Wayne several times. I had a poor experience this past weekend. I recently bought my 15 year old son a new set of clubs, and he was excited to go play with one of his buddies. So I told him I'd take them to Wayne. I checked their website and the price for juniors was listed as $15 for 18 holes. So when we arrived for their scheduled tee time on Saturday, I expected to pay around $33 including tax.

I was surprised to be told that the total was $52. I told the gentleman that I thought juniors were $15 each, and he said "that's only during the week, not the weekend!" - as if I should have known that. So rather than disappoint the kids, I paid the extra $ and went home to see if that was stated anywhere on their website. It isn't. So I sent a polite email explaining that if they have that policy, it'd be nice if they stated it on their website. I sent that email four days ago, and nobody has replied.

I doubt the intent was to pull a bait and switch on me, but it was poor customer service in my opinion. He could have made it right by offering a one time discount, or apologized for not having a website with correct info. And at the very least, I thought I would get a response to my email. It has been a disappointing experience.

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Finally made it over for Wayne in search of some cheap, interesting golf. We sure got it. The course is very cheap and for good reason, the greens aren't very luxurious and the quality could be vastly improved.

That being said, it is actually kind of fun. I highly recommend a cart because there are some ridiculous hills and the walking would be strenuous. The holes are an intense challenge, with plenty of water hazards and tight shots especially on the back nine. The tee off areas are my biggest complaint, they replace turf for ground because of how dry and hard it is to place a tee in. It looks tacky and isn't fun to tee off of.

The twilight started at 5pm and was only $15 so it was a value worth the price. The cart rental wasn't bad either, but the carts have to be back by 7 making it impossible to get through all 18. We walked the back nine till the sun was gone and returned to an empty lot. Overall it was a good time out with the guys, we enjoyed the challenge, but won't be rushing back anytime soon for the quality.

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Wayne is a fun Par 65 18 hole course. The course is in good shape and the greens are well maintained. It has a few challenging holes and gets really tight on the back 9. Overall I had a good time. Oh, a side bonus is that I played on a Sunny Friday at 10:30am and finished in 3 hours. I've never had that happen on a public course!

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Wayne gets a solid 3 stars for being true to itself.  I have played 18 here once, but will only play the front nine moving forward unless some serious maintenance is done on the back nine.  (Its pretty rough back there.)

However, the front nine has a solid layout and is well maintained.  People badmouth the course, but you get what you pay for.  If you are "above" the quality of this course, then go somewhere else.   This is the perfect neighborhood public course to quickly hit the links and get home in a very reasonable amount of time and a reasonable amount of money.  The maintenance crew, the desk workers, and the lovely restaurant/bar server are all very nice and helpful.  The BURGER was surprisingly tasty and the BEER is reasonably priced.  Its a good pitstop from the bike trail even if you aren't golfing that day!

Good front nine.  Good location.  Good food.  Available tee times.  No online reservations, so give them a call to reserve.

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If you give this course 5 stars then you obviously either have low standards and/or you have never played a 5 star course.  I suppose if you were to rate this course among other sub $30 per round courses it might be worth a 3.5 star rating. Still - this ain't no 5 star. Not by a long shot.

If you are looking for a cheap round of golf you will find it here and you get what you pay for. The layout of this course is bizarre to say the least, especially the back 9. Many tee boxes are nothing more than beat up rubber mats. Three greens on the back all converge in the same spot near the "tee boxes" of other holes and with the many inexperienced golfers here it does feel like you are placing your life in their hands with balls flying at you unexpectedly.

A couple of shirtless thugs did not take kindly to my polite request that they put their shirts back on. First time on a golf corse that I wished I was armed with more than my clubs. You would never see this behavior on a $40+ per round course with at least one acting marshall on duty. My guess is that many players here don't know what the G in golf stands for. That's not to say this course is not without it's charm, you just have to be willing to overlook its obvious flaws.  

The fairways are pretty beat up, the tee boxes are pathetic, many of the holes are tight not by design but simply due to the expense involved in making this mountainous terrain work as a golf course. Don't try to walk the course unless you are in fairly good physical condition. There are many steep hills with loose gravel so keep your wits about you (avoid alcohol and other intoxicants while on this course).

Compared to decent courses like Echo Falls, Redmond Ridge, etc. this course is a dog track. With no Marshall on duty you have to put up with the occasional drunken hillbilly idiots and disrespectful punks on your own. The staff is nice enough and the restaurant has a simple hole in the wall comfort that can be enjoyable given the right circumstances.

All that said, it's cheap and not very busy so you can get on the course. A bad day on the golf course is still better than many alternatives. Some of the holes on the front 9 are quite scenic. The river and homes add to the charm.  Now that I know what to expect I may play here again as a last resort. I'll just remember pack the pepper spray.

If you can get on anywhere else - do. If not, I suppose you could do worse than here, if you can imagine.

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