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I worked here over the winter time 2013. I worked front desk as well as serving at all the winter events. I was not enthused with my position as front desk and felt that my knowledge and customer service abilities were over looked but I love the ladies that work the front desk Beth S. is such a wonderful person if you ever call here and speak with her you will receive nothing but the best help. The building its self is simply amazing in every aspect. It is beautiful and well kept. In the winter time the lights come up and it is picturesque. The galas and christmas parties are nothing but the best with the guests dressed to the nines while servers and bartenders work their behinds off to make sure that the members and guests have the best possible experience. They set up and plan every event and dinner to make sure that every thing is perfect. There is a woman that is there just to make sure that all the wine for the members and guests is perfect and that the selection is the best. Even working here I felt myself being dazed and my mood being uplifted by the beauty of it all. They take good care of the employees for the most part. The food is fabulous, the grass and even parking lot are carefully maintained. On any morning you can drive up the private waverley street and see nothing but Mazeratis and Teslas and other expensive cars. Driving up in my not so new car I was a bit intimidated but the people including members and guests are very nice. Although you may ABSOLUTELY not wear jeans here its a great place to be and serving was a really fun experience.

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If you ever wonder how the other 1% lives, this is a good example. Waverley is an ultra-private country club on the banks of the Willamette River just south of Portland. There's a fantastically maintained golf course, commanding views of the Willamette, and the kind of clubhouse you'd expect from a top-end joint founded in 1896. The grounds are carefully manicured, the entrance is grand, the wallpaper alone probably costs more than my whole house, and it reeks of old money.

I'm not a member here. Who knows if they'd have me, and I doubt I could afford it. But attending a wedding here, I have to say that I wouldn't mind being one. Aside from the pool, the river access, the terraces and grill overlooking the river, and the fancy indoor areas, it seems like it would be a nice place to recreate, score big business deals, or, in the case of my visit, host a grand wedding. And while in my Portland existence I've never been a fan of dress codes (and I'm not exactly sure what the code is here) I can say that if I paid whatever it costs to be a member here, I'd appreciate the fact that the members and guests were expected to class things up when hanging around the joint.

But really what I want, someday, is to play a round here. And now that I have a friend who married in to this community, I look forward to finessing my way in to one. The fairways are impeccable, the sand traps treacherous, and the greens are as they would be in heaven. And I can't discount the fact that the views of the Willamette and the mansions on the opposite side would be a nice escape from the average, overly-casual Portland environment.

No, I'm not of the ilk that likes to put on airs or showboat money, but damn if that isn't a nice ass golf course. And that I can appreciate.

Oh, and I should mention the food. As far as a catered wedding goes, the food here was well above average. And on top of the great dinner, they brought out sliders, grilled cheese and french fries at 11pm after most of the guests were well sauced. This has to be one of the most brilliant wedding catering ideas ever. Bravo.

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"Oh Sure" is the first thing I thought when i opened the doors to this Mad Med type club. It's old money and there is a lot of it pouring out of the pockets of these members. That said, the place is cool, and the food is tasty, especially that damn Turkey Club with Fries( might be the best fries ever), sadly though, i am not sure how they feel about having me as a member, just look at my name. Hehehehehe....

Enjoy Suckas'!!

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We had our wedding here and they did an absolutely wonderful job. Our food was all vegetarian and I was amazed by how well the chef was able to accomodate our guests. We had a wonderful time and were so happy with the Waverley.

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Aside from history and reputation - i dont get it.

Nice enough place, although it is almost a cliche of itself.  it is like a disney version of what a country club should be.

The one BIG plus - most of the members are congenial, but keep to themselves.  no one tries to hawk their goods or services at me when i'm there.  it is a place to go to enjoy life and others and i hope that part remains true always.

the dress code is a bit too much, particularly since it is virtually all times at all places.  but the flip side, it is nice to know there are standards.

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