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As an up and coming golf youngling, I really like this course. I have been here twice and I am actually impressed with how well they keep this course, for it being a public, township course. The course can DEFINITELY be better; the greens have some rough patches on a few holes, and the sand traps leave a bit to be desired, but it is actually a very good course to learn the game on. I went maybe 2 weeks in-between visits, and I noticed the second time that they changed all the pin locations, which I thought was REALLY cool for a little rinky dink course. The operators are very nice and for $15 (non-resident, $12 if you live in Washington Township) you get to go around as many times as you can stand. Theres even a chipping/putting green to practice up on and pull carts for you lazy hackers out there. I plan to keep going back until I get my game up to where I feel comfortable NOT killing anyone to my right with my slicing tee shot.

A few points: the course is 7 holes, plus 2 that are ACROSS THE STREET! The first time we went, I wondered why our 9 holes seemed to go so fast, until I saw another group coming from across the street. Theres no sign, but there is a fence after (I think) the 4th hole that leads across the street to 5 and 6. I think all the holes are par 3 with the exception of the last one, which is a par 4. The course is very well laid out and well taken care of, but it is VERY compact. If you hit looping hooks or slices, you might want to practice somewhere else first. There are houses on one side and an apartment complex on the other, so wayward shots CAN do some damage. Not to mention, you can plunk the guys on the 8th if your shot on the 3rd takes a slice. Still, I haven't seen too many issues in my time there.

Overall, a very good course considering the price (and for me, the proximity) and an excellent choice for the novice/intermediate golfer.

See you there!

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