Warwick Country Club

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The Pros: Gorgeous view. Bar is in the function space. Outside Patio is gorgeous

The Cons: My fiance and i walked into the banquet facility to meet the sales manager to possibly book our reception on site for next year. We encountered 4 different employees.. all treated us as if we were invisible. One employee actually walked us to where the sales office is located. Once upstairs, there was a man dressed in a suit who yet again, ignored us completely. The sales woman finally met with us and although we were on teh fence about the location prior to meeting her, we were rushed thru the appointment and all of us agreed that we felt as if we were interupting her day. It's disappointing. With the right staff this venue would have been perfect.

I hope it's not the service one would receive during a function, but we definately left there uneasy enough to not book it.

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Great place for a reception.

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