Warnimont Golf Course

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A nice play to go for a walk in the woods..... looking for my golf ball that is.

I work in Cudahy, so I may have taken a few long Friday lunches over the years to play 9 holes at Warnimont. I am not a good golfer. I do not pretend to be, nor do I have any illusions that I will ever know what I am doing. I used to think that a "scratch golfer" was someone with bad jock itch. Warnimont is my kind of course: Straight fairways, easy distances, no sand traps, and only one water hazard. Best of all, its never crowded during the week. My coworker and I can do 9 holes in less than an hour. Although this is a par 54 (for 18 holes) course, it is 2700 yards. All holes are over 100 yards, and many are over 180. This allows you use some small irons or even break out a driver. It's a great course for the "more mature" golfers. Golf carts can be rented for $5 per golfer for 9 holes. The course is a good deal. $15 for 18 holes, $11 for 9 without a Discount card. With a MKE Discount card, the fees are $12/$9. Best of all, beer can be purchased at the club house! If you are a Westsider like I am, this course is very similar to Hansen. Nothing special, but a very leisure course to either work on your short game, or just go for a walk in the woods.. If you find a Titlest ball back there, it's probably mine.

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