Warm Springs Golf Club

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Recently played Warm Springs. Have been avoiding it because I heard it was not a very good course.  But, having finally played all the courses in the area, I gave in and tried it.  What a surprise!  This is a very nice course, especially if you are a senior and like to walk.  Course is flat, nice layout with enough water and sand to make it interesting.  They had punched and sanded the greens about 6 weeks prior, so they were in excellent shape.  Fairways were well maintained and rough was not overly long.  Found the staff, especially the grounds people, very friendly and helpful.  I will say that the young kid working in the pro shop was fairly disinterested in my questions about the course, but I chalk that up to youth - he will learn.

So, overall I now regret my avoidance of this course.  It offers 18 holes of very enjoyable golf.

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Nice Muni.  My buddy and I were visiting for a soccer tournament and planned to play a course in the area.  After talking to some locals, reviewing sites, and looking at our budget, we chose Warm Springs GC.
We were very happy we did.
Playing the sundown rate, we were able to get in 25 holes!  Daylight lasts a long time in the northern latitudes in July.
The course was in good shape, cart worked fine, and even a little wildlife on the course (deer ran right across the fairway, geese, etc).
Not too tough as we shot pretty well using only 6 clubs (we didn't want to fill up the trunk on our 2000 mile trip).

Very nice ... as a golfer who plays about 20 rounds a year, I recommend it.

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no, alex . . . your suit doesn't make you look fat. but, your wife does make you look skinny. congratulations . . . it takes all types.

oh yeah, any game that encourages cheating (mulligans) doesn't deserve more than one star in my book.

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I snuck in a round of golf when I got to Boise before my meetings.  The course was in great condition and very affordable.  It was pretty empty so the pace was pretty fast.  

I had to rent clubs, which, unfortunately, sucked.  I've had to use rental clubs before, and I've never had great experiences with them.

This is one of the best muni public courses I've played. Thanks City of Boise!

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