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new management is taking this place down, not good at all

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The mothers day brunch was certainly nothing special and did not even compare to past years holiday brunches I have had at Wanakah. The food and the service left a lot to be desired. There were far fewer choices and what was offered was nothing special. In the past they have had the best eggs benedict, Sunday there was  what appeared to be eggs benedict but it was actually only an English muffin topped with ham and scrambled eggs (strange). The buffet tables looked sparse and  unappetizing. Spinach and arugula set out in bowls with only a dressing to top them off , no real variety of sides and salads. When I go out I expect more creativity!  The wait for coffee refills and drinks was ridiculous. Wanakah is a beautiful old club with understated elegance. The overly photoshopped pictures of board members should be moved to another location, they take away from the entrance foyer and look tacky.

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I am really (REALLY) enjoying this country club dining!  As a gal who was raised on Swanson Frozen dinners.... never had a vegetable that didn't come out of a can until I went away for college.... and who comes from very working class roots.... dining in such understated sophistication is quite a treat for me.  Sure I go to lots and LOTS of restaurants now, but somehow eating a meal in a restaurant (even a very nice one) doesn't quite compare to the level of service that's found in a country club.

A friend of mine is a member of the Orchard Park Country Club, and when they close every January for the month their members are invited to dine at Wanakah.  And lucky me was invited to come along.  Lucky, LUCKY me!

The setting is old and grand and understated.  There are two dining rooms.  A more formal one and a more relaxed wood paneled one (where it appeared most people, including us,  choose to dine).  We were made to feel welcome upon arriving and that welcoming feeling never, ever left.

A relish tray with tender crisp veggies (carrots, celery, bell peppers, radishes, cucumbers, asparagus...) and three types of cheese, and little bread sticks was brought to the table along with delicious fresh bread and creamy, dreamy butter.  The wine list was fabulous... and we certainly enjoyed the bottle of Pinot Noir that was chosen.

For a starter my "Roasted Two Beet Salad (red and yellow beets with baby spinach, red onions, feta cheese, and herb vinaigrette) was fresh and flavorful.  My son found his French Onion Soup to be one of the best he's ever had.

All of us ordered the Filet Mignon for an entree (funny!).  And, every one of them whether cooked medium, medium well, or well done (yup..I'm that guilty party) was cooked perfectly.  They were fork tender as well.  (how do they do that?).  The mustard and horseradish topping was a perfect addition to the fine flavor of the beef.  And, the accompanying fingerling potatoes and asparagus complimented the dish very well.

Our triple chocolate tarts (yup....again we all got the same thing) were tasty, fresh, and not too sweet... with just the perfect balance of chocolate flavors for which none over-powered the others.  And it was decorated with a lovely dollop of (real!) whipped cream.  

I am actually looking forward to next January.... and hoping to be invited back for dinner (hint... hint... PLEASE!)

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