Walden’s Landing Firehouse Golf

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I thought this was just fair overall, not quite as gimmicky or challenging as some others (meaning not as much fun!) We went because we had a discount coupon. The staff was indifferent, which didn't help. Young kids would probably like it.

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A very fun way to spend an hour or so. The course is not too difficult to play and is laid out well. $14 for 2 people for 18 holes.

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This was actually a rather lovely mini golf place.  We were there on a Monday night and were pretty much the only people there.  We had the $1.00 off per person coupon or whatever it was from one of the many coupon books for grabs in the area.

It was nice not having anyone in front of or behind us and we finished pretty quickly.  There was some sort of deal where if you play the one course, you can play the second for a discounted price which we ended up doing.  

It was getting dark and several of the overhead lights were burnt out so it was hard to see on a few of the holes.  

The "landscaping" and water/rocks were nice.  It was clean.  

I haven't added up the scorecard yet - I'd say I won, but my companion ended up getting either two or three hole-in-ones so it became a bit of a wild card.  

They have many different ball colors from which to choose.  Two different shades of purple, in fact.  That excited me.  There was a light purple, like a lavender and then also a darker "royal" purple.  

The location was nice as well, in a newer shopping area.  Some of those places are quite nasty and rundown due to age.  

Before we decided on here, there was a great debate as to which mini golf place we'd choose.  We did the one across the street at "the Track" last time, and other Yelp reviews on the Ripley's one (the Ripley's crap really turns me off for some reason) and Lost Treasure and whatever the other one was were so-so.

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Played 18 holes on a recent Sunday afternoon with the wife and our 6 year old. There was not a lot of attention paid to the course that day as there was trash (coffee cups,plastic bottles, somebody's blown-out flip-flop) on several holes. The lady at the counter seemed more interested in her sudoku game than with actually helping or speaking to customers. Even though we used a coupon from one of those tourist discount mags, it was still $22 for a family of three to play only 18 holes. I don't really feel that was a bargain but the course was entertaining and somewhat challenging.

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This was such a nice location. Clean course and very fun obstacles. My husband and I went and they had a promotion to buy one round get one half off. We bought it, played a round, walked around and ended up playing our second round a couple of hours later. Super fun place.

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