Walden On Lake Houston Golf & Country Club

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I've been a member here for three years and have very much enjoyed the golf course however while the dues are relatively inexpensive at times I feel like I'm way over paying for what I get.

18 Hole Palmer managed course that's well kept and always challenging.
Plenty of social events.
Swimming pool, tennis courts, racquetball, and gym all included in the golf membership.

Poor job communicating with the membership. New "rules" come and go with little notice or explanation. For example... you can't bring your own can of soda to the pool but they'd be happy to sell you the same can for $1.50. dumb.
Kitchen has really gone downhill since we first joined. Thanksgiving brunch used to be awesome but now it's below average... same goes for Christmas and Easter. Wednesday dinners turned into pasta Wednesday... been the same thing for 2 years now... gettin' old (actually to the point where we don't go to that anymore).
I've had multiple billing errors... They've always fixed them but why do they happen in the 1st place?

All in all a nice amenity in a good community but really nothing to write home about.

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